So Which is the Best E-Cig?

Sorry, but there is no one product to suit everyone! Electronic cigarettes differ in type and performance, everyone’s different so everyone has a different taste! We however try to make it easier for you to choose!

Switching to electronic cigarette can be quite a daunting experience, especially now that there are so many varieties of electronic cigarettes on the market, so where do you start, which type is suitable for you, and what sort of price should you pay? Well we have been reviewing electronic cigarettes for many years now and believe we have come up with the best guide available online, and our site is dedicated in helping you choose the right electronic cigarette, and not forgetting the availability of a thousand varieties of E-Liquids.


Our site reviews electronic cigarettes across many brands. We do receive some compensation from a few of the companies we review, but this does not effect the honesty of that review. We do this in order to receive income to support the running of this site.

This does not alter our review ratings or advice in any way. We hope you continue to enjoy our site.


How to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette

How to find the best e cigSo, you have finally decided to give that vaping thing a try and – if all goes according to plan – set aside your smoking habit forever. Congratulations! That decision puts you in the company of millions of other people around the world who have cast aside tobacco and opted for a safer way to get the nicotine they love. Of course, the process of switching from tobacco to e-cigs can be a challenge unless you can find a vaping choice that you truly love. That makes learning how to find the best electronic cigarette a critical step in your journey toward a smoke-free lifestyle. Here are some tips that can help you to make that determination.

Pick A Design

Unlike cigarettes, which really only come in one basic tube design, electronic cigarette devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and looks. Moreover, they also come with varying levels of functionality – with some being as simple as using a tobacco cigarette, and others requiring a more in-depth understanding of the device so that you control the amount of vapor and flavor that you receive with each hit. Ergonomics, portability, and other factors come into play as well, so there are a number of decisions that have to be made.

Where design is concerned, there are really thee choices. Keep in mind, of course, that these broad categories just help to narrow down the type of device you need. You’ll still have to choose which of the many unique products within each category will best suit your needs. This is where you start though:

Minis and Cig Lookalikes

Most smokers have seen some variety of the minis at their local gas stations. These can closely resemble cigarettes – with some being virtually indistinguishable in appearance – or can be more mechanical-looking and sleek. They typically have limited battery life, but are about as easy to use as a tobacco cigarette. Note that some of the lookalikes actually come with rechargeable batteries as well, which can be a great option for someone who wants to transition to vaping without relying entirely on disposable products.

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The mid-size electronic cigarettes are a step above the minis. As the name suggests, they are a little larger in size than the cigarette lookalikes, and that extra size allows them to offer greater options for rechargeable batteries, increased vapor production, and flavor options. For people who decide they want to continue to vape even after they have quit smoking, the mid-size electronic cigarettes can be a really good long-term option.

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Mods and Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs)

Mods and APVs are in an entirely different class, and represent the state of the art technology that is commonly only sought out by the most experienced vapers. With that said, there are a great many options available with these high-end units that make them an attractive last stop for vaping fans who have made electronic cigarettes part of their lifestyle. These devices are more complex than the minis and mids, and tend to offer a wider variety of customization options, greater control over vapor and flavor, and sub-ohm vaping.

If you’re using vaping to quit smoking and nicotine, the minis will probably be all you ever need. Those who want to continue their vaping enjoyment may be more comfortable graduating to the mid-sized options. If you just completely fall in love with vaping, want to learn more about it, and have a desire to get the most out of every draw, you’ll definitely want to consider the mods and APVs.

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Look for Quality

Even after you decide between the minis, mods, or advanced models of electronic cigarettes, you still have to make a decision about how you’ll judge quality. The industry is fairly new, and very diverse, but that diversity comes at a cost as it can sometimes be difficult to determine who made which products. Always do a little research before buying to ensure that you are getting a product from a top of the line company.

Consider the Cost

Part of your selection process should also involve choosing how much you want to spend on vaping. If you’re an ex-smoker – or hoping to become one, then chances are that you fully understand just how expensive that habit can be. Vaping can be a far less expensive option, though you can have some higher initial outlays if you choose some of the more advanced technology like an APV or some type of mod. Remember to include the cost of e-juice when you make your calculations as well.

In reality, virtually anyone can save money by switching from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. The key is to decide how big you want those savings to be, and how important quality is when it comes to your vaping preferences. Like anything else in life, with vaping you get what you pay for!

Find Your Juice

Many new vapers can get so caught up in deciding which device they want that they lose sight of one of the most important factors in selecting the best electronic cigarette: the juice. No matter how great your device is, or how much money you spend, the fact is that it is all for nothing if your chosen e-juice isn’t up to par. That makes it critically important that you try a wide variety of juice types and flavors to ensure that you find an everyday juice that you will be happy to vape. One way to accomplish this feat is to locate a nearby vaping shop with a vape bar. Those shops often provide free samples, allowing you to try the widest possible selection of flavors to find one that suit your tastes.


For smokers who are turning to vaping, there are few things more satisfying than knowing that you’ve found the right electronic cigarette for your needs. While the process can sometimes be an arduous one, involving a great deal of trial and error, it is ultimately worth it in the end. The good news is that you should have a much easier time finding the right e-cig for you if you focus on these key areas of consideration.



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Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

eGo E-Cigarette

eGo Type Electronic Cigarette

The eGo Electronic Cigarette TypePerfect for smoker who wants to try vaping which closely resembles traditional smoking.

This type of e-cigarettes is the most common option for the majority of serious vapers since they are relatively small (almost the cigar’s size), offer better vapor production, and extended life. For heaviest smokers, a mid-size is recommended right from the beginning since a mini type is not enough for their nicotine fix. They are also available in various models and most of them are based on the design of 510 (3-piece), although a few use KR808’s 2-piece. Unlike cig-a-like type, which is available in either manual or automatic formats, eGo e-cigarettes are manually operated. This means that the user must always press a button to activate it. There are several companies that offer kits of eGo-style.

This type of e-cig is increasingly becoming popular among many users because of its ability to function for more six hours and still produce a lot of vapor with great nicotine satisfaction. It uses liquid tanks also called clearomizer tanks so must buy e-liquid in order to use it. This e-liquid goes directly into the liquid tank that is then attached to an eGo battery.

The advantages of using this type of electronic cigarettes are that they are not too large, hence easy, and convenient to use. They are also better than mini type in terms of vapor and battery life and offer sufficient performance for users. However, one of its disadvantages is that this particular type of e-cigarette is manually operated and its performance is not completely customizable.

Learn More About This Type Of E-Cigarette See The Top eGo’s

Cig-a-like (mini e-cig)

Cig-a-like or mini electronic cigarette

Cig-a-like Electronic Cigarette

Perfect for someone to try electronic cigarettes, convenient, simple to use and cheap!

Cig-a-like e-cigarettes offer a natural and easy transition from smoking, especially for first-time users who are transitioning from common tobacco cigarettes since they are almost similar to traditional type of cigarettes. This type of e-cigs is a small and lightweight alternative, giving smokers a discreet and comfortable way of getting their nicotine fix. They are manufactured in both rechargeable and disposable formats and are widely available across the world.

Although, there are several different brands of cig-a-like to choose from, all of them are made of standard model numbers, which distinguish their thread type and size. The most common models are 501 and KR808 series. Generally, KR808 (2-piece) is considered as the best setup of low-hassle and is usually used by several major brands such as Green Smoke and V2. KR808 are not interchangeable and are available either in D-1 or D-2 thread patterns. Additionally, the 501 series particularly 3-piece is also considered a more flexible choice since larger models use this design, but requiring more tinkering.

Learn More About This Type Of E-Cigarette See The Top Cig-A-Likes

Mods or APVs

Mod e-cigarettes

Mods or APV Electronic Cigarettes

Perfect for those who want to get more of a throat hit and want to take vaping to the next level

Advanced Personal Vaporizers better known as APVs or Mods, offer smokers the ultimate vaping experience than the traditional cigarette. They are also the logical development and progression of the concept of electronic cigarette for those who are looking for performance. They are available in two main categories: the box-shaped (boxmods) and the tubular-shaped (tubemods).

Unlike eGo and cig-a-like models of electronic cigarettes, which use cylindrical and pre-packaged battery packs, APVs basically, use 3.7v lithium ion cells that are replaceable and incorporate functions that are not available in other devices such as different style tanks, variable voltage, integral liquid feed, full electronic control, digital readouts and many more.

One of the main benefits of using this type of e-cig is its performance, which is delivered by the advanced functions and larger batteries, which allow users to fully manage or control every aspect of the device. Because it may need a certain experience level to appreciate its intricacies, beginners are advised to begin with the other types of electronic cigarettes to gain familiarity with vaping before considering using Personal Vaporizers.

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Disposable E Cigs

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Perfect for those who aren’t serious smokers, but want to try one, once!

Electronic cigarettes have 2 main differences, these are the disposable and rechargeable options. The main difference is that the disposable e-cigs does not require any assembly or charging, it comes complete and ready to vape, this makes it more convenient for travel for example.

Example of a disposable electronic cigarette

However, the popularity and acceptance provided investors with an opportunity to make profits and these cigarettes now come in several variations, with the big tobacco companies like British American Tobacco jumping in and offering a number of different choices. Thus there are many brands and types which make it very difficult to choose the best product.

Learn More About This Type Of E-Cigarette

If you want to jump straight in then we strongly suggest reading our full and easy to read guide on finding the best e-cigarette:

Best E-Cig Guide

Quitting Vs Vaping

Quitting is obviously the best choice if you can do it. I tried several times over the years and I never could completely kick the habit. I don’t think I was ready yet. I still had a good bit of stubbornness left in me.

If you can quit completely, I give it up to you, it’s something I’ve yet to do. I’ve switched to a vapor pen, but that’s not giving up nicotine for good. This is my ultimate goal.

I’m happy with my progress. I haven’t smoked a cig since I purchased my first E cig. I consider it a great accomplishment. I hope to put the E Cig down at some point. But if not, that’s ok to me for now. I’ve gotten away from cigarettes and that’s what matters to me the most.

Why Do You Still Smoke?

best vapingI have a few ideas on why people hesitate to give up cigs. It’s a scary thought. For most smokers, it’s something that has always been there for them through thick and thin. It’s a fallback to your comfort zone. I didn’t think I could give that up at first.

It took years of slowly declining health before I woke up and realized I didn’t want to go out like that.  I give it up to the older crowd who still puffs away. I don’t see how they do it. I couldn’t anymore. Smoking had beaten me down and wiped me out.

For others it’s something that started out as “cool” and now its 20 years later and you’re wondering why you’re wheezing when walking from the driveway to the back door.

It takes a wakeup call for most to quit or switch. It’s sad, but it’s not until a heart attack or stroke do most people wake up and realize they can’t continue to live that way.


So Which Is It?


As you can tell, there is probably more to electronic cigarette than you thought. If you are a little confused about choosing the right type or brand, then we can help! We have written a fully detailed, yet simple to follow guide on how to choose the right type of electronic cigarette, we also break it down, going into a little more detail about each type so you can be truly comfortable that that type is right for you. You can read our guide mentioned above. One last thing before we go onto some common questions about e-cigarettes is to answer the question; should you smoke or vape? Well I believe in it (vaping). It’s given me freedom that I hadn’t felt in years. Ditching the $6.50 a pack a day habit hasn’t hurt my feelings either, at least that was the price back then! It’s helped with the freedom factor immensely, but ultimately the choice is yours. Take some time to do proper research, we use all sorts of resources including Vapors Digest, one of the better review site out there.



What Are Electronic Cigarettes & How Do They Work?

Electronic cigarettes are a great new way of smoking. They look, taste and feel like real cigarettes without all the negative effects of traditional cigarettes. They are flame free and produce an odorless vapor. Because there isn’t any tobacco burning, there is no risk of fire, injury or inhalation of smoke.

Each E-Cig has a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge filled with a liquid nicotine solution. Once you inhale, the atomizer (the heating device inside the Electronic Cigarette) is stimulated, which causes it to heat up and vaporize the liquid nicotine. The result? A smokeless & odorless vapor that tastes better than any traditional cigarette.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Convenient & Better Than Traditional Cigarettes

The convenience of Electronic Cigarettes in comparison to traditional cigarettes is astounding:
Convenient ecigs

  • They require no flame or fire for ignition and are non-flammable
  • They do not produce any foul odors
  • They do not produce ashes or butts, which decreases litter and the need for ashtrays
  • The E-Cig can be used almost anywhere, even in places where traditional smoking is banned such as bars, restaurants and movie theatres
  • Never again will you find yourself with a cigarette and without lighter, E-Cigs run on a rechargeable battery
  • Electronic Cigarettes do not stain your teeth

Electronic Cigarettes Will Save You Money

Traditional cigarettes range from $4.00 to $10.00 per pack depending on location. It seems that every year, cigarettes are taxed higher and higher. Although your initial E-Cig purchase may seem like an expensive purchase, consider it an investment. You will begin to see instant savings and a dramatic decrease in your cigarette spending.

Most Electronic Cigarettes come with cartridges that can be easily and affordably refilled or purchased online. The E-Cig also runs on a battery, decreasing your need to purchase lighters and matches which costs’ can add up over the years.

How do I Know When I Need to Charge My Battery & Refill my Cartridges?

When you start to notice less amounts of vapor when you inhale, this is a strong indication that your liquid is running low and you need a refill. Recently, some E-Cig companies have begun to offer a “cartomizers”, which are Nicotine cartridges with the atomizer built in.

Because your atomizer may need replacing after extended use, the cartomizer ensures you are getting the highest quality of vapor every time you puff, and reduces the need for atomizer replacing.

Recharging your E-Cig Battery is simple and can be charged via wall socket or USB port depending on your brand. Most E-Cig batteries last a full day depending on usage.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Come in Different Sizes, Flavors and Strengths?

Like traditional cigarettes, E-Cigs are available in a variety of flavors, strengths and sizes. Most Electronic Cigarettes are offered in both menthol and traditional tobacco, and come in strengths ranging from high, medium, low and non-nicotine. Electronic Cigarettes are also available in a variety of lengths comparable to traditional cigarettes and can vary with each brand.

The decision to smoke is a personal decision that not only affects ourselves, but others around us. With the Electronic Cigarette you will save money and experience the convenience of smoking anywhere you please.

No longer will the lingering smell of cigarette smoke affect your family, friends and yourself. The E-Cig is a viable alternative to traditional smoking.

Disclaimer are affiliated to some, not all of the electronic cigarette brands we recommend and review. If you decide to make a purchase of the electronic cigarettes through any of our links due to our recommendations, we may receive a commission from that company.

This does not alter our review ratings or advice in any way. We hope you continue to enjoy our site.

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