About Me

ECigNickA Little About Me And My E-Cigarette Story

My name is Nick, but I go by my editors name of ECigNick, I started smoking when I was 16 years old (now 40) and for the past 16 years I had become an avid smoker, loved every minute of it. Controversial, I know. However a time come in my life when I knew it was time to quit smoking, go for long walks and activities was becoming more and more of a chore and I didn’t want that in my life.

Smoking was a big part of my life, it’s a social thing isn’t it and nearly all my friends smoked, my parents both smoked and in fact nearly all my family smoked, which made things even more difficult. After a couple of years of constantly trying to quit smoking I was getting a little worried, only smokers know how hard it is to actually quit. I had tried everything in the nicotine replacement market including patches, chewing gum, sprays, more patches, inhalers, more chewing and…. I’m sure you get where I’m going. Nothing worked, or at least for me and I’m sure there are other people who also struggle. I was at my wits end trying to quit, I wanted to quit so bad BUT just couldn’t do it, call it lack of will power if you will, or whatever you like. Cigarettes had a firm hold on me and my life style and I just couldn’t get rid.

Why I wanted to quit so bad

After years of smoking I could start to feel the effects, playing football was no longer on my to do list, neither was exercise nor going for walks. I just didn’t like the way my life was planning out and smoking played a big role in this. On the other hand and this had a massive impact on my thoughts, I look at friends and see them playing with their kids on the parks, I seen people going for walks with their dogs and this set something off in my thoughts. I started thinking “I want to be able to things like this without getting out of breath or struggling up hills etc”. Another massive impact on my decisions to quit smoking was looking at older family members, family members that smoked for 40+ years that now struggle to get up stairs, mention walking and they turn white, stopping every 20 yards to catch a breath. I just didn’t want this at all.

I quit using electronic cigarettes

First off, these electronic cigarettes aren’t cheap to start off with, you’re looking at around 30-40 pounds if not more for a starter kit and more often than not before I leaped in I found myself saying a pack of 20 Marlboro Lights is cheaper. I saved up a little and then jumped in. I purchased my first electronic cigarette in 2011, Green Smoke. This cost me £60 in total, and let me tell you this was the best £60 I had ever spent. Within the first week of using this I hadn’t touched a real cigarette and I felt amazing, finally I had something that would aid me in quitting smoking. I looked deeper in to why this worked for me and nothing else did and one of the factors was I probably didn’t have enough self belief/willpower and this; the reason why it works for me and for people like me is that an electronic cigarette gives the body exactly what it needs both mentally and physically. Think about it, we get nicotine replacement by smoking the vapour, and we are physically doing something without hands and the sensation of REAL smoking is replicated by exhaling what our minds think is SMOKE.

Excellent; after all this time of trying different things to stop smoking, who would have thought it would have been something like this. It’s 2013 now and although along the way I had a couple of slip-ups I haven’t touched a cig for the past 16 months and this is just amazing. I can’t tell you enough about e-cigs, if you struggle with quitting smoking or your just want to cut down the amount you smoke then try one these, I swear by them.

How I quit – My personal plan that I used to quit smoking

I haven’t gone in to too much detail here because it would just make the post look far to big, I’ll be saving all my tips, advice and information for a downloadable book that I will be releasing soon. If you would like to be notified of this then just drop your name and email below and I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Week 1: It’s important to carry on smoking in week 1 and the reason I did this was because I didn’t want to just quit smoking there and then, after all I had loved smoking for all them years, smoking becomes a part of you and it’s hard to let go. So in the first week just try and smoke as normal and in between cigarettes try and use your e-cig so you become use to it and the differences. Don’t do anything else apart from this.

Week 2: This is the week where you actually try and quit, so from the previous week try and make sure you have NO cigs left for say the following Monday (Week2). If you have cigarettes left then you will be more tempted, trust me because I failed a couple of times due to this.

  • Day one – This is by far the hardest day, BUT only because your mind tells you so. Quitting smoking is a mind game and you can win. Today is the day your life starts to change for the better. Today you should do something exercise orientated, I for example went on two walks with my dog ( Cookie ) one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. During the day you need to try and occupy your mind so try doing quizzes or word-searches or something similar, for example I spent the day online learning about web design because this is something I do on a daily basis. It’s very hard at first because having cigarettes breaks up your day right? Well instead of having a real cigarette, get your e-cig and do exactly the same, take a break, grab a cup of coffee and smoke your e-cig.


  • Day Two – Is just as hard as day one, OR is it? Today just repeat what you did on day one. If you work and you’re at the office you can’t really smoke anyway, if your colleagues smoke then let them go smoke alone. The best things to try and do is for the first week or so try and stay away from smokers all together if you can. If can’t then you need to at least have a little will power to say no, because I promise you this; they will ask if you want one and probably taunt you if you don’t. This is just how we humans act, simply put its negativity and you find this around most people who smoke. Remember to take them breaks as normal and smoke your e-cig, even if you are working just make sure you take them breaks as normal.
    • Tips
      • When you smoke, it’s a routine. You have one when you first wake up, in the car on the way to work, before you get in work, when you get home from work, after something to eat, after something stressful and this can be anything stressful even so much as watching a game of football. When you feel like you need a cigarette smoke your e-cig even in these circumstances? We need to replace the routine first in order to succeed.
  • Day Three  – If you are thinking this is still a hard thing to do, I promise you it gets much much easier as time passes. Just keep using your e-cig. On day three you should keep replicating what you did on day one, change things up a bit though so it’s not the same boring routine. Plan some days out, go on longer walks with the dog/dogs if you have them. What we’re essentially trying to do is break the routine as mentioned above, as long as we do this we will succeed.


  • Day Four – You should have gone 3 full days now without a real cigarette and if you have your doing really well. Today is a test day, for example I went out with friends who smoked and I’ll be honest here and say I wasn’t as tempted as I thought I would be. If you do end up going out for a few drinks to the local bar then the temptation may be greater. I’m going to mention this, if you slip up and have one ITS OK, we all slip up. The most important thing to do is NOT to give up trying. Be honest with yourself now, if you did slip up did that silk-cut taste as good as you thought?
    • Tips
      • Everyone slips up, it’s just human nature. We love temptation and its as simple as that. The important thing to do though is to keep trying, I will guarantee that if you keep trying this process you will eventually say no to everything about smoking and we all know that anti-smokers who smoked are the worst type. This process works, trust me it just does. Once we get you in the mind set of being a non-smoker you will see, and you will start to notice things like the cig you had when you slipped up actually tasted like crap and your thoughts will be “wish I hadn’t have had that cig, I was doing well”. I know firsthand that this works and everything I’m telling you here, right now, WORKS.
  • Day Five – If you slipped up, don’t worry just start again. If you didn’t then GREAT we’re on the right track. Remember to keep taking them breaks; it’s so important to do this. Your mindset should be changing around now, yes even after 20 years of smoking. You will notice that you even as a person start to change. Things that would seem like a chore (taking a shower) will start to seem more relaxing and easy to do, going for a walk with the dog becomes a pleasant thing to do, and walking up small hills is more achievable without gasping for breath. Little things like this start to make you think differently and look at things in ways you didn’t. Try this, go for that walk and tell me if you are as out of breath as you were on day one, tell me that something doesn’t feel different.
    • Tips
      • If you start feeling you can do more things, like walk further then do it. This is a good feeling and helps with changing your mindset. A little note on mindset, you can’t just switch this on and off, it’s there constantly. It’s one of the reasons why you need a cig when you first wake up and this is why it’s so important to change the mindset. Anything you think will help you do this like meditation or similar activities then you should definitely give this a try, it can only help the process.


  • Day Six – OK, just stop for minute and think what you have done up to now. In week one you was still a full time smoker BUT using the e-cig in between GREAT, in week 2 we stopped smoking our real cigs and started using the e-cig as a replacement. We’re now on day 6 of week 2 and you still haven’t had a real cig EXCELLENT. Today you should write down a few things OR at least think about them. Do you need a cigarette? How do you feel health wise? How do you feel personally, stressed/relaxed/anxious/, if you we’re offered a cig now what would you say? This is a very important step for yourself and will help you realize some of the benefits already of not smoking real cigs and give you a glimpse has to how your mindset has changed over the course of the past 2 short weeks.
  • Day Seven – So we’re now on day 7 of week two and I’ll tell you something now, if you managed without a cigarette up to now then there’s a pretty good chance you won’t be having another. Just keep repeating what you have done in day one and so on. Remember to keep taking them breaks and if required use your e-cig, if you don’t think you need it then don’t use it. Only you will know whether or not you need it BUT it’s there if you do. Today you should test yourself again and try and be around other people who smoke, OR go to a local pub with friends and family and see if you get any urges to smoke. To be honest I don’t think you will, and if you do take that break and go and have your e-cig with them while they stand there smoking. I guarantee that at some point you won’t want to be amidst the FOG.
  • Tips and final thoughts
    • Honestly, keep trying this process and I promise at some point you won’t even like the look of a cig never mind the smell (they do smell awful, we can’t deny that even as a smoker).  Quitting smoking is hard and people who smoke who want to quit know how hard this can be. Personally I don’t think all nicotine replacement aids are that good, well at least not for me. If you find you struggle giving up smoking it’s simply because you need something that replaces both the mentally and physically addictions that smoking gives us and e-cigs are the best way to aid this.


I wished so much that there was a site which taught me about the best electronic cigarettes and the things you need to know to make an informed decision, and that is why best-e-cigarette.com was born! I really hope you find this site useful and helps you in your journey in trying electronic cigarettes!