Third Hand Smoke and E-Cigarettes

Third Hand Smoke and E-Cigarettes

This article refers to some critical issues regarding electronic cigarettes. The source for this article is PubMed and the scientific article can be found here.

Since it has become so difficult for smokers to smoke anywhere without it affecting someone else, many smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes in place of tobacco. An electronic cigarette still delivers the nicotine that smokers need to meet their addiction to nicotine, the question if nicotine is bad for you is up for debate. At one time it was believed smokers chose to smoke. Now it is believed to be an addiction that the smoker needs. The electronic cigarette is smokeless and doesn’t contain the carcinogens that cigarettes have. Therefore people believe that it is a safe alternative to tobacco.

Is Electronic Cigarettes Safe for Everyone?

Since there is no smoke or carcinogens that tobacco has, some people believe they are a safe alternative to smoking tobacco. There is no second hand smoke to worry about. Second hand smoke has been proven to cause cancer in by standers who do not smoke. Since there is no carcinogenic smoke produced by an electronic cigarette it seems it is a safer method than tobacco.

Third Hand Smoke – What is it?

third hand smokeSomething new has been discovered with tobacco use. Even after the smoke has dissipated it seems there is residue left behind that still contains nicotine. Nicotine is considered a toxic substance even though it isn’t thought to cause cancer. It is believed all surfaces will contain the residue left behind from the smoke. It will be on ceilings, curtains, floors, tables and furniture. Children could be playing in areas that have nicotine contamination. Since there is nicotine in electronic cigarettes and people that use them do exhale, is there contamination taking place from the electronic cigarette? There doesn’t have to be smoke for there to be nicotine contamination.

What You Should Know About Electronic Cigarettes

It is reported that there are two emerging challenges for primary health care provider namely: third hand tobacco smoke and electronic cigarettes, there is a lot to be learned before electronic cigarettes should be considered safe. There is just too much that is not known yet about the effects an electronic cigarette and the vapor it produces will have. There are other chemicals that form the vapor that are also being breathed. The scientific community does not yet know what effect the chemicals could be having on the person doing the smoking.

Doctors do not believe it is a safe alternative as a smoking cessation device. Some people think they can use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking but it seems that they just go from tobacco addiction to electronic cigarette addiction. This is true in many cases and probably the reason most people try e-cigarettes. The main difference is you can try many flavors with e-cigarettes as you buy the e-liquid seperately to the flavor and nicotine strength you want. You can read about the popular and best e-liquids here.

Until more studies are done it is a troublesome idea to use electronic cigarettes. The nicotine may ease your addiction and there may not be any second hand smoke but no one yet knows about the third hand smoke and if an electronic cigarette will produce it. Are the chemicals used to create vapor safe to be inhaled or could they have an adverse effect on the body and health of the smoker. There are other no smoking techniques that will work to help you quit smoking which are safer but unfortunately less effective. It is advised to get counseling when attempting to quit.

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Is Nicotine Bad For You?

Is Nicotine Bad For You?

Anybody who has smoked, or known someone who smokes, is familiar with the word “nicotine”. But what is nicotine? And why does it seem to always be mentioned in a negative tone? Nicotine is a chemical compound found in tobacco, in relatively high concentrations and it constitutes something from 0.6 to 3.0 % of the weight of dry tobacco. It is highly addictive and it is a big reason why smoking has negative health effects for heavy smokers in the long run, since few find themselves able to quit it due to the influence of nicotine on their brain. Many alternatives have been proposed to give nicotine addicts an alternative outlet for their addiction but none of them offers an easy solution to break this addiction.


Ever since the Europeans entered into contact with tobacco, thanks to their contact with the Native Americans, they soon recognized the addictive and opiate-like effects on the body, that made them feel benumbed and almost immune to fatigue but at the same time they also felt the effects of their increasing dependency on tobacco, and their inability to quit it, even after serious reprimands from religious authorities who condemn this new found vice. It was this sedative quality mixed with the highly-addictive nature of nicotine which transformed it from being an unknown product of the Americas, to being consumed all over the world in just a little more than a century.

Manufacturing Nicotine

Modern cigarettes are even more powerful. This is not only to the fact that companies are able to refine the nicotine and make it purer and stronger, but also because they also mix it with other additives like ammonia and tar which makes nicotine reach your brain much faster. Cigarettes contain anywhere from 8 mg to up to 20 mg of nicotine – with most cigarettes containing around 12 mg – but that doesn’t mean that you take all of it into your body. In fact studies have established that in average you absorb around 1 mg of nicotine with every cigarette you smoke, but even thought this may seem like an insignificant amount keep in mind that every extra cigarette you smoke increases your addiction to nicotine and makes it harder for you to leave it.

But addiction in itself wouldn’t be a problem if tobacco was free from detrimental effects on your health. Smoking has long been known to be the cause of numerous respiratory diseases that go from cancer, to causing strokes, and even infertility among women; and it can damage different parts of your body, from your heart, to your lungs, throat, and even your brain. There are different chemical compounds responsible for this health problems, and tobacco defenders have argued that tobacco is not as harmful as the additives that cigarette companies add to them. Nevertheless, several different illnesses have been related to nicotine consumption, including heart diseases, cancer, risks of fetal underdevelopment, and even lethal overdose.

Nicotine when taken in large concentrations, can be deathly to humans with the fatal dose being in the range of 30-60 mg. Some investigations have found the dose required for nicotine poisoning to be higher and unlikely to be ingested simply by smoking alone. But the rise of the electronic cigarettes has created concern for the possibility of overdoses from the e-liquid – mainly on children who are unaware of the danger of taking a high amount of nicotine. Even so, death by a nicotine overdose, though possible, remains extremely uncommon but the dangers of worsening your addiction by taking such high amounts of nicotine remain very real.

An Alternative To Cigarettes

To provide smokers with an alternative free from nicotine there have been many different inventions, from herbal cigarettes that contain no tobacco – and therefore no nicotine – to electronic cigarettes, which allows the users to feel like they are smoking while in reality they are only inhaling a vapor that tastes like tobacco, and yet it is free from nicotine. Ever since their introduction in the market in 2004 e-cigarettes have gained increasing popularity amongst smokers. Though they are a popular method for reducing nicotine consumption, many vapers – as their consumers are called – also use them as an alternative way of ingesting nicotine by buying special e-liquids that contain its own dose of nicotine.

Studies are not conclusive in whether nicotine-charge e-cigarettes are more likely to cause addiction than regular cigarettes, although some studies have shown that dual using of e-cigarettes and tobacco can create an increased sense of dependence. Equally concerning is the fact that many young e-cigarette consumers have reported that they have never smoked tobacco cigarettes before, implying that what originally was created as a way to allow tobacco smokers to break off their addiction may in fact be drawing new vapers to become addicted to nicotine.

Electronic Cigarettes

Even though e-cigarettes are known to be a healthier choice to tobacco, studies have shown that the vapor exhales by e-smokers contains toxic chromium, an element which is not found on traditional cigarettes and levels of nickel that are four times higher than those found in tobacco. In addition to this, e-liquids contain a substance called diacetyl, which is used to add butterscotch flavor to liquid tobacco. This substance is completely harmless when eated, but it is extremely dangerous to inhale because it causes a disease known as Popcorn Lung – Bronchiolitis Obliterans – which is an irreversible disease, most usually found in popcorn factory workers where this substance is highly used, that damages the lungs and eventually makes it impossible to breath properly.

There is no perfect solution to the problem of nicotine addiction. Although e-cigarettes represent a big improvement for smokers, giving a good alternative to replicate what it feels like smoking a cigarette without exposing you to the effects of nicotine and other harmful chemicals, they also create problems that are unique to them. But even though e-cigarettes can still have negative consequences for your health, when you take into consideration the fact that if you use nicotine-free e-liquids you can have a healthier outlet for your smoking addiction, you come to realize that the best advice you can take is to keep in mind that good old proverb: “Everything is good in moderation”.

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The Move To The eGo E-Cigarette

The Move To The eGo E-Cigarette

About the Pen-style

pen style electronic cigaretteAs the name implies, this e cigarette actually looks like a pen rather than a normal cigarette. This pen size shape is due to the size and shape that is similar to the pen. The pen size and shape is because of the battery size and its shape. The battery size and shapes are actually bigger and thicker, thus it attains a pen like shape. A pen size model is the 801. The 801 comes mostly with an automatic switch. Manual switches are hard to find in this model. The vapors of this e cigarette are cool. These cool vapors are due to the high resistance cartomizer. Higher resistance cartomizer would theoretically produce cooler vapors. As compared to the 510 model, it has a bigger cartridge. A bigger cartridge means that ultimately it has a greater tendency to hold the e liquid. These types of e cigarettes have no upgrade options available. These models are quickly being wiped off the market. Their large batteries and large refills are not that stylish and are being replaced very quickly by mods now. Amongst the pen size category, the 801 model is the one that carries the most popularity and demand. Since it has a large end fitting, it would consequently mean that it has threads that are stronger. This property is attributed to the larger physical size of the end fitting.

The large size also implies that the cartomizer are far more durable and work really well. You would rarely hold any grudge against this model. Apart from that you even have the advantage to take longer and deep draws because it has a larger refill that holds a great capacity of e liquid. You can even opt to take some mods with the 801 model. This is one of the best electronic cigarettes available in the market.

About the 901

The 901 is one of the originals in the e cigarette family. It is one of the first options that were available to the people in the market. It seems to look like the 510 model. But it differs from the 510 on the basis of the resistance. In the e cigarette world, higher the resistance of the cartomizer or the atomizer cooler vapor will be produced.

901 e cigarettes


It even has a more commendable battery than the one available to you in the 510 model. In terms of flexibility, it ranks as higher as compared to the KR808 model. But if it is compared to the 510 with respect to its flexibility then there is clearly no competition. The 510 is the winner in that regard. When it comes to e-cigarette upgrades, it shares a similar story with the Kr 808. There are not that many upgrade options available to the smokers. The 901 shares a huge degree of similarity with the Kr 808. This is why it can at times interchange parts with that series, not all parts and definitely at not all times.

About the KR808

The Kr 808 is one of the best models that are out there for those that are new to the e cigarette experience. It is mainly due to the fact that it looks so much like a normal cigarette because it is a regular size e cigarette. The Kr 808 is a bog name to speak out loud so it is also referred to as the Kr8 model. This model of the e cigarette is ranked as the low hassle e cigarette. This is one of the ways it is categorized as before anything else. It has a 2 piece model. This model consists of a cartomizer that is better known by its nick name ‘cartos’. It still gives off an appearance of a regular cigarette.

KR808 e cigIf you want to go to a high profile party, you have complete liberty to decorate this e cigarette type according to your specifications or ways that would suit you the most. You do not have to be bothered by the refilling aspect again and again. You have the liberty to choose the cartomizer that is pre-filled. You can keep one around with you where ever you go and have fun smoking exotic flavors that the cigarette provides you with. This model is contributed to host one of the most extensive ranges of cartos flavors that are out there. This means you can choose from a huge variety of flavors, which ever does the best job pleasing you. Due to the wide range of the cartos, the exotic flavors and the quality of these exotic flavors, it has been chosen as the number one e cigarette of the cartos model. Apart from the cartos, you can even choose from a huge variety of other variants. This model has the ability to be used in conjunction with a regular cartos to provide a cool vapor. This can also be used in conjunction with a semi low resistance to cartos. This type of cartos will provide you with vapors that are slightly hotter. This type of e cigarettes make use of the batteries that have a capacity of 150 mAh. If you want a greater battery life then you can go with the battery with a capacity of 280 mAh. If you go out to buy an automatic and manual e cigarette then you would encounter no problem at all since there are an equal number of batteries available in the market for both cases. If you are sitting at a desk then you can connect it to the computer or the main switch via a USB using a thing known as the PT or the pass-through. The downside is that if you are a heavy smoker then the regular batteries will disappoint you thoroughly. They only provide you with enough battery to last for up to two hours. This type of e cigarette has no upgrade option available to you.

This e cigarette type has been an instant hit with all the new e cigarette smokers because of its likeliness with a regular cigarette.

About the eGo

This e cigarette comes under the category labelled as large format. It runs on batteries that have the value of 650mAh 900mAh and 1100mAh. It also consumes batteries with a higher charge. This e cigarette type belongs to the 510 model. This ensures that all the 510 pieces will eventually fit in to this cigarette providing you ease when it comes to access the parts that you would eventually ever need. It provides you with the greatest amount of options because it is a large format e cigarette with an extensive range. The smaller batteries are actually easy to use in the e cigarette. They are not as large and a lot of people like to use them with a large format e cigarette types such as this. The larger batteries have the abilities to actually last the smoker around six or more hours. Since this e cigarette is one of the most flexible models that are out there, you can fit any type of end fitting to suit your choice.

eGo electronic cigarettes

When it comes to upgrades, it has the most versatile range of options available for upgrade because of its large format. When it comes to the performance and size ratio then there is no doubt about it; it has one of the best ratios from amongst various other e cigarettes. Apart from the huge range of fittings available, you also have the ability to choose whether you want to us it as a two piece model or a three piece model. You can choose between the low hassle option and the tinker option; any option that suits you the most. You can even use it in conjunction with low resistance fitting that produces high vapors. You can choose modes along with the various parts of this e cigarette. If you go looking for this e cigarette in the market, you will end up finding this e cigarette that is manually operated. If you go searching for an automatic version, it will be really hard to find. Since it is a large format e cigarette, it provides the smokers with the option to produce a longer draw. This can even appease those smokers that smoke complete cigarettes at a time greatly.

Now imagine this large format e cigarette type with even the smallest battery available. It still will be considerably large in size. It will under no circumstance even look slightly like a regular cigarette. This might make it a little unpopular for those people who are really new to this e cigarette phenomenon and are switching from the conventional cigarette experience. Being a large format, there is no doubt in the fact that it costs way more than the small models. It is definitely not one of the low end models.

It might not be an instant hit with those who are new to e cigarettes but it is definitely one of the best buys available for the experienced smokers so it would be a good idea to buy e cigarette of this type.

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Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes

The solution to buying electronic cigarette online is to only remain alert and read some customer reviews. On the other hand, in relation with the former aspect, online e cig shopping wins the battle with several pros that replace the desire of shopping e cigs from stores and gas stations. As compare to shopping for e cigs in stores or malls, shopping online is much more exciting, affordable, and convenient, as it makes you enter into the world of variety and discount offers in just a few seconds.

E Cig Variety – It is the Spice of Life!

variety of e cigsHow many varieties do you get to see in malls, stores, and gas stations? It is guaranteed that you will end up with looking at a few pricey e cigs of some brands only. In most cases, the shopkeepers only aim at promoting costly e cigs that are cheap in terms of makeup and longevity; this is especially the case with the owners of gas stations. But on the Internet, such deceits have no place, as all e cigs models are in front with fully accurate details and discounts offers, making the online store transparent. If you just open an official site of an electronic cigarette review site such as SmokeTastic, you will not only view but also learn about possible variety of e cigs in terms of:

  • Brands
  • Features
  • Types
  • Accessories
  • Price
  • Ratings

A reliable site not only will disclose quality e cigs along with its discounted offers, features, and accessories but will also reveal the ratings and experiences of different customers after buying a specific e cig online. At least, you will manage to get the e cigarette from a familiar, reputable, affordable, and highly rated brand!


Accessories – True Friends of Your E Cigs

An electronic cigarette comes in a starter kit that also offers accessories such as e liquid bottles, cartomizers, atomizer, carrying case, and batteries. Did you know that these accessories also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and prices? Well, this is something you will know only if you manage to find them online, not in stores!


Comparison – The Base of an Ideal E Cig Selection

comparing e cigsIn a shop, you might not be able to compare more than three to four e cigs of different brands. This is because either you do not have that much time to spend or the shopkeeper is rather unwilling to educate you on it due to time constraints. But this scene reverses when you buy e cigs online. Because you get to view several varieties of e cigs as well as accessories belonging to the different brands, you can easily compare them in just one go. With just a few clicks, it becomes easy for you to compare the devices in terms of:

  • Design and style
  • Color
  • Features
  • Battery longevity until next recharge
  • Battery lifespan
  • Cartridge capacity
  • Taste, throat hit, and amount of vapor produced
  • Number of accessories
  • Nicotine strength
  • Flavors on offer

Wow! You get to compare based on so many physical and performance factors! You get most of these factors from customer reviews either on the brand’s official site or on the forums. Isn’t that great? Well, this comprehensive way of comparing makes it more satisfactory for you find out the best e cig for you!


Free and Quick Shipping – Encourages Online E Cig Shopping

free shipping of e cigsThis is one of the main reasons that have attracted several smokers to buy e cigarettes online. When you buy an e cig online, the dealer sees to it that you get the delivery of your product quickly irrespective of where you are located on the globe. Above all, the shipping service is fast as well as free! Yes, there are many top dealers who provide free shipping service. This means that there is no need for you move out of your home and burn your car’s fuel in looking an ideal e cigarette kit from one shop to another. In this way, online shopping saves lot of time and money!


Reliable Shopping – Justifies the Worth of Online Site

An online e cig dealer mostly offers 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on e cigs products. With such assurances, you can definitely trust the site from where you are buying electronic cigarettes.


Incredible Savings – Multiplies the Joy of Buying Electronic Cigarette Online

If you start to shop online, you can expect to save significantly not only for your current order but also for other orders in future. This is because quality brands that believe in maintaining long customer relationships not only offer discounts and freebies on their starter kits but also offer affiliate marketing through which you can invite others and get unique coupon codes for future discounts.

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E Cigarettes are More Than a Fad

E Cigarettes are More Than a Fad

Are electronic cigarette just a fad or are they here to stay? Well we look at these popular devices to see. Let’s start off with a little overview of the electronic cigarette;


Electronic Cigarettes, or E-Cigarettes, are a new alternative to smoking that help people quit or switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Using a rechargeable battery and vapor atomizer, they convert a nicotine solution into vapor to provide a realistic smoking experience without the tar, tobacco, or other chemicals and carcinogens that are linked to lung cancer and heart disease. Because they are a water vapor instead of smoke, there is no second hand smoke, ash, or flame, and it’s safe to use anywhere, even most places which have banned traditional cigarettes.E-Cigarettes are being recognized as a truely innovative and effective approach to stopping smoking.

E-Cigarettes look and feel like real cigarettes, which is why they have proven to be very popular as an effective smoking alternative. The water vapor someone exhales instead of second hand smoke is nearly odorless, and won’t stick to clothes or people around an e-cigarette user.


E-Cigarettes are More Than a Fad

Here to Stay

One of the nation’s largest banks, Wells Fargo reports confidence in the retail market for electronic cigarettes. Wells Fargo’s annual ”Tobacco Talk” survey published on the 17th of May shows some promising results. They are reporting the devices are more than just a fad.

Previous ”Tobacco Talks” surveys have showed very positive attitudes in the past toward electronic cigarettes but Lorillard’s decision to join the game just solidified their stance in the market. Experts say electronic cigarettes are a lasting trend and not a passing fad after reviewing this year’s survey results. The data shows a whopping 73% of the people responded share the same opinion.
Retailers described a 193% increase in sales from the first to second week of selling electronic cigarettes in their stores. The category has 2.5 million users which is continuing to prove the worth of the devices. According to an industry group, an estimated $300 million in revenue is happening in retail with the potential of increasing to $1 billion in the near future.

Ultimately, Wells Fargo agrees with the survey respondents that electronic cigarettes are more than a passing fad. However, they are cautious and are expecting a downturn in enthusiasm in the future because they are expecting an increase in regulation and taxation. The product boom and impressive growth could be knocked down due to further FDA regulations and an addition of state and federal excise taxes. These are all obstacles the industry will have to overcome.

Besides regulation and taxation, another obstacle e-cigarettes may have to overcome has to do with the amount of space they will take from cigarettes and other tobacco products. Most e-cigarette companies have self-service counter displays but they may soon be required to move elsewhere as the category grows. Some predict the landing spot for e-cigarettes may be among the other tobacco products, making them harder for the consumer to access.

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Why Switch to the E Cigarette?

Why Switch to the E Cigarette?

Have you been reading a lot about electronic cigarettes lately? If so you may be becoming curious about this innovative smoking alternative. Perhaps you are tired of fearing for your life every time you take a drag on an obsolete tobacco cigarette.  Remember that when you smoke a tobacco cigarette you’re not just getting tobacco and nicotine you’re getting a whole lot more, such as:

  • Ÿ  Whole Tobacco Alkaloids (WTAs)
  • Ÿ  Formaldehyde
  • Ÿ  Preservatives
  • Ÿ  Myosamine
  • Ÿ  Benzene
  • Ÿ  Pesticide
  • Ÿ  Anabas
  • Ÿ  Tar

Ÿ  And more…

In addition to health concerns, you may also have been concerned about finances, the health and safety family, and your future. What you may not have taken into account is the fact that e-cigs can be a lot more convenient, a lot cleaner, and much, much more fun than obsolete tobacco cigarettes.

What to expect the first few days…

If you’ve been considering e-cigs, you may have been wondering what making the change will be like. For some people it’s a bit challenging. For many it’s fairly easy. No matter which it is for you, there are tips and guidelines that can help, and we’ll talk about that here.

When you make the decision to change from obsolete tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, you may find yourself wishing for the tobacco cigarettes you are so familiar with, and that’s perfectly normal. The qualities you may find missing with e-cigs are the actual acrid smoke tobacco cigarettes produce and the heat produced by burning tobacco. Luckily, most vapers become used to e-cigs very quickly and cease to miss these things. Of course you could sneak a cigarette, but that would really be counterproductive. Do yourself the justice of giving e-cigs a full chance, and you’ll soon see just how much there is to love about vaping.

If you do decide to have an obsolete tobacco cigarette early in the transition, the good thing is that, unlike standard stop smoking methods, you will be unlikely to simply start smoking again after one cigarette. E-cigs fulfill a lot of the needs that obsolete tobacco cigarettes fulfill, so it’s a lot easier to feel satisfied with e-cigs than with some less tactile smoking alternatives.

How can you choose the e-cig that’s right for you?

quit smoking 2When you transition from obsolete tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, it’s a good idea to be sure you choose an e-cig that provides the same amount of nicotine or a little bit more than you are used to we have a guide if you are having trouble quitting cigarettes. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in a high quality e-cig starter kit. You can pick up cheap knockoffs at mall kiosks and gas stations, but these are unlikely to deliver a satisfying smoking simulation. Take the time and do your research to find an e-cig that will really work for you. You’ll be far more likely to transition easily.

One way to be sure of getting smoking simulation satisfaction is to use the concept of low resistance. This is accomplished by being sure that you have a strong battery. While many e-cigs use batteries with a 4 volt output, you’re sure to find you have a much more satisfying vaping experience if you choose an e-cig starter kit with a good strong battery. Look for a battery that provides a 6 to 10 volt output. Be sure the atomizer or cartomizer that you choose has low resistance.

How can you be sure of getting a satisfying amount of nicotine?

When you first start vaping, you may have a hard time pinpointing exactly the right amount of nicotine to suit your tastes. Luckily, experimenting with different strengths and flavors of e-liquids is part of the adventure of vaping. One good way to start is to choose an e-liquid or cartomizer that provides alittle bit more nicotine than the tobacco cigarettes you are used to. In this way, you’ll surely be satisfied with the nicotine amount and that will make it easier to make the transition. Once you’re firmly in the habit of vaping, you can begin to reduce the nicotine amount.

Within a few months, you may find yourself happily vaping zero milligrams of nicotine; however, when you first start out consider a 24 mg strength, readymade, or blend your own 36 mg concoction. Of course if you find this to be too much, you can always dilute it for lower nicotine strength.

Remember that you can vape with your e-cig more than you smoked with your cigarette. The reason for this is that you can vape anywhere and any time you want to. With obsolete tobacco cigarettes you had to be careful because you were a fire hazard and because you might bother or offend others. With e-cigs which you can find here, you don’t have to worry about that, so you can enjoy more satisfaction more often.

If you were a smoker who didn’t like being isolated from others to smoke, you can now simply stay in the company of others and enjoy vaping. If you enjoyed your smoke break, you can still take it. In fact, give yourself a little more time to be sure that you are satisfied before you return your desk.

SNUS! A fantastic product that replaces more than nicotine!

The whole tobacco alkaloids (WTA) found in tobacco based products are a big part of the reason people become addicted to tobacco based products. Now you can get WTA’s without getting carcinogens by using a product called SNUS.

This sort of product is like chewing tobacco; however, you don’t have spit and you don’t get cancer. SNUS were created in Sweden. They consist of small sachets of oral tobacco. You can just put the sachet between your lips and your gums to deliver a steady dose of nicotine and provide some oral satisfaction. You can use this product along with your e-cig for an added nicotine boost or in case your battery dies, and you don’t want to smoke a cigarette. You can always keep a pack of SNUS on hand in case of emergency.

Armed with e-cigs and SNUS, former smokers of obsolete tobacco cigarettes have a real chance to reduce their nicotine consumption and improve their health, their finances and their lives. Although there are some differences between vaping with e-cigs and smoking obsolete tobacco cigarettes, most of them are minor and all of them are positive. Be brave, and step boldly into the modern world of vaping!

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Doctors Compare Ecigs to Heroin Substitute Methadone

Doctors Compare Ecigs to Heroin Substitute Methadone

While a year ago most news articles about electronic cigarettes were about its virtues and how it could change the smoker’s world by becoming a safe replacement for tobacco smoke, it appears that in the past couple of months there has been a bit of a backlash against all the positive news.

HeroinThe most recent comes from Ireland, in which a senior doctor at leading emergency department in southern city of Cork, Ireland’s second largest city, compared the usage of electronic cigarettes as a substitute for tobacco smoke as being akin to heroin addicts becoming addicted to taking morphine.

The doctor was reacting to a recent incident in his hospital, the Mercy University Hospital Cork, when two young children were presented at the emergency department suffer from nicotine poisoning, after coming into contact with liquid nicotine. It is understood that the children managed to get access to their parent’s e-cigarette material and opened the poorly closed bottle.

The initial electronic cigarette devices were primarily based on the pre-fill cartridges or e-liquid. They are still the most popular, especially among the more causal e-cig user. However there are some disadvantages to using the refills over refilling. Firstly, refills are much more expensive to use than the refills. The user gets a cartridge that is full of a set quantity of e-liquid. The cartridge may last many hundreds of puffs, but one the vapor is gone, it can no longer be used and is generally discarded.  The second is that there is often a limited variety of flavors on offer from the manufacturer of the prefills, maybe only a half dozen of them.  With the eLiquid refills, a user is free to choose liquids from any supplier, as all eLiquids are essentially the same.

There obvious advantages to the refills though.  One is simply the convenience of using them. One just opens the packet the come in and twist them onto the battery pack. As simple as that. With eliquids there is often a lot of finicky work involved with trying to pour the liquid into the small holding bottle.

Nicotine poisoning is an unforeseen consequence of the electronic cigarette boom. These poisoning cases in Ireland are among the first reported in Ireland. However, it is reported that in 2013, there were almost 1,300 cases of e-liquid poisoning in the US alone.  These cases have led to calls by many people to change the way eliquids are made available. One of the biggest concerns is that they are packaged in simple easy to open bottles.  If the nicotine containing fluid was classified as a medicine or ‘poison’ it would have to be put in a bottle with a child proof lid.  Also the bright colours and fruity flavors are attractive to children.

While it is reported by many, that e-cigs are not a health issue, it’s known that nicotine is a toxin. At strong doses it can impact on children and adult resulting in cases of vomiting and a general unwell feeling.  However the doctor in this case states he is reminded of the claims that methadone was considered to be less harmful than heroin, but has itself unpleasant side effects.

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What to Do When You Just Can’t Quit Smoking

What to Do When You Just Can’t Quit Smoking

A Study by BMC Public Health

There are 46 million people (20.6 percent of all adults) who smoke in the United States. For the first time, the number of former smokers now outnumbers those who do smoke. Smoking rates dropped more than half between 1965 and 2004 (from 42.4 percent to 20.9). About 14 out of 100 New Yorker’s are smoking which is a 35 percent decline from 2002 (approximately 450,000 fewer adults smoking). This is a clear indication that Americans want to quit smoking.


Broken Confidence

Broken Confidence smokingMany people struggle for years to quit. Some say it is the hardest thing they have ever done, even with the aid of patches, gums, therapy and counseling. Not being able to quit is compromising the health of these people who want so desperately to quit.


Not only is smoking compromising their health, but the stress and emotional despair is also taking its toll. Many people having trouble quitting simply believe “some people just can’t quit,” and this broken confidence is preventing the ability to quit. There is such a complex biology with addiction and withdrawal that is physical and psychological and it is taxing to the individual. It undermines the smokers self-confidence and destroys the confidence needed to quit.


A new form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) on the market, the electronic cigarette is going head to head with cessation products such as nicotine patches and gums. E-cigarettes are still heavily under-studied but are gaining some headway with those who just can’t seem to quit.


BMC Public Health

bmcA recent study by BMC Public Health done in 2011 on the Effects of E-Cigarettes has been widely praised by the “vaping” community. It found that: “Sustained smoking abstinence at week 24 was observed in 9/40 (22.5 percent) participants, with 6/9 still using the e-cigarette by the end of the study.” Participants with a history of alcohol and illicit drug user were excluded, as were those with major depression and other psychiatric conditions were excluded from the study. Smokers who had a wide variety of smoking-caused medical problems were also left out of the study.


More Likely to Succeed

Smokers who choose these devices to quit smoking are more likely to succeed in their journey to quit. Smokers tend to take to electronic cigarettes more readily than other cessation devices because inhaling nicotine vapor is more pleasurable and rewarding than chewing gum or going to therapy. This bodes well for those who’s confidence has been broken by many failed attempts to quit.


How Safe are E-Cigarettes?

New York Considering Becoming First State to Ban E-Cigarettes

The state of New York is pushing to be the first state to ban electronic cigarettes. The debate surrounds the device and its safety. The devices are unregulated and come in all kinds of cute colors and fun flavors like bubble gum and chocolate. They are easy to obtain over the internet and at mall kiosks. Lawmakers are afraid electronic cigarettes may be too appealing to young people and they have been pinned as a gateway to nicotine addiction among the younger population.


Criticisms Clash

New York’s criticisms clash with the equally strong arguments in favor of the devices. Electronic cigarettes are tobacco-free and don’t carry the 5,000 known chemicals in a traditional tobacco cigarette. Advocates for e-cigarettes also point out thousands of testimonials from smokers who used the devices to quit.


fda logo newAlthough the U.S. Food and Drug Administration struggle to gain regulatory control on electronic cigarettes, studies are a work in progress. Michael Siegal, a tobacco researcher from Boston University states that tobacco contains about 5,000 known chemicals and as many as 100,000 more that have yet to be identified. Using an e-cigarette eliminates most of those because there is no tobacco involved.
A study published in the Journal of Public Health Policy found that the levels of harmful chemicals in electronic cigarettes were in the same ball park as levels found in cessation devices such as nicotine patches. The levels were hundreds of times lower than the chemical levels found in traditional cigarettes. The study also found evidence that electronic cigarettes helped reduce cravings among smokers. Many smokers have trouble quitting with the patch because they still have a need to hold something in their hand or put something in their mouth, because of this, e-cigarettes are more appealing to someone trying to quit than patches of gum.

Electronic cigarettes are certainly safer than smoking and can aide in quitting but there are simply too many unknowns still. The FDA will keep studying them and work toward regulation. The Journal of Tobacco Control did a recent study of six brands of e-cigarettes and found that not all of the devices were labeled clearly with nicotine levels, expiration dates, ect. For now the devices remain unregulated but they certainly seem to be the better alternative to smoking.

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Electronic Cigarette Tips n Tricks

Electronic Cigarette Tips n Tricks

Gone are the days when the name “e-cigarette” makes people raise their eye brows to the maximum surprise level! With time and technology, today the e-cigarettes available in the market are highly improved ones or at least that is what everyone expects from these products. All the e-cigarette users must agree that there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying the puffs of vapor; so here we are listing out a few tips that will allow them to get a consistent experience of quality e-smoking.


Primer Puffs

Some E-cigarette creates a large amount of vapor where as some provides very minimal amount of vapor. This is mainly due to the atomizer ohmage and the battery of the E-cigarette. In case of a automatic battery, it produces a very few amount of vapor compared to the E-cigarette with a manual battery, the best options would be a sub ohm tank of some kind and a box mod as a battery option. Because the time delay by the battery to create vapor is very small in case of an automatic battery. Hence to get a larger vapor, one should take couple of smaller puffs called primer puffs and then go for a regular large puff. Similarly in case of manual battery, one can hold the button down to heat the coil before inhale.


Too much Liquid does not ensure more vapor

The liquid used in the e-cigarette is the same one, irrespective of the fact that it is an atomizer one or cartomizer one! The liquid is stored in the tank from where it needs to be carried out by the wick towards the coil. So, when the heating process starts, the coil gets heat and draws more liquid towards it. But it would be wrong to assume that, the more liquid will give you more vapor and more satisfaction. It would be true up to a certain point. But when your wick gets saturated, the excess liquid will not help producing more vapors; instead it will minimize the vapor production. It happens so, as the excess liquid that will draw towards the coil through the saturated wick, will block the air way at the bottom of the container. It will produce a gurgling noise. It simply means, you have overfilled the liquid!


Find out Proper mix

The E-Cigarette mostly contains two substances in the e-liquid, propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin at a pre determined proportion, since these are having a chemical property of quick vaporization at a very low temperature. However both of them are also having some different properties in terms of flavor and vapor thickness. For Flavor, propylene glycol and for thick vapor vegetable glycerin are best suitable. Hence a proper mix of these two is required for a perfect balance. Volcano’s contains 10% of the vegetable glycerin where as Halo contains 20%. Anyone can experiment both the liquids to choose the best suitable to him.


Purchase Hollow Drip

A school of thought believes that atomizers are much better and more enjoyable in compared to the cartomizers; though it is a bit debatable one. But the atomizer supports feel that, the absence of filler material helps in getting the proper amount of vapor to your mouth. But the users when opt for e-cigarette cartridges, this argument does not hold good as the cartridges are full of foams! However, a hollow drip tip is a better solution to this issue. Than you can pour the liquids directly to the atomizer from the bottle; ensuring improved flavor and large vapor.


Use Low-Resistance Attachments

Low-resistance atomizers can be useful in many cases since they generate larger power in the same battery voltage and also provide satisfaction to the user. Low resistance atomizers are available at most vendors, but you should choose a reliable one. You can also find low-resistance cartomizers in the market, but again these are also more or less similar to the standard-resistance cartomizers. You can swipe out different attachments available to find the best suited one for yourself.


Charge the Battery

Sometimes, you feel that the puffs are not very satisfying or may be small ones to give you that impact! Then you might need to look into the battery capacity of your e-cigarette. It is not a rocket science to find that, battery capacity will keep on reducing with higher number of uses and finally able to produce a low power in compared to the situation when it was fully charged. So that helps you in realizing the timing when your battery needs to be charged again.


Use Better Batteries

The amount of vapor produce depends on the capacity of the E-cigarette battery. The larger the battery capacity, the more the vapor produce while keeping the voltage at it’s highest. Hence it is always advisable to use an eGo E-cigarette which can be useful while using different cartomizers or low-resistance atomizers. You can also choose mod for this. Small batteries are never advisable since these are expected to perform poorly and more specifically when using a low resistance one.


Buy USA made e-cigarette

E-cigarettes are originally made at China but now there is mod which is actually USA made e-cigarettes. The difference between these two lies in the battery position itself. In the Chinese e-cigarette the body and the battery are the same where as in case of mod the battery is removable. So, the bigger e-cigarette holds bigger cells, which are made by the global reputed companies like Sony or Sanyo. These are more reliable. There are certain other products like ProVari, which gives an option control if voltage setting by using a booster in it. The USA have the FDA who are looking at regulations of electronic cigarettes, and this includes the e-liquid, you can read their regulations here.


Become a Full-Time E-Smoker

There is a large difference between the E-cigarette and a real cigarette in terms of the taste and flavor. Since both of them are different in many expect. The way the nicotine enters the body is also different. Hence you can experience a huge difference when you switch from the regular cigarette to E-cigarette. Once you start using E-cigarette you wonder how quickly you stopped the real cigarette.

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The Best Sub Ohm Tanks

The Best Sub Ohm Tanks

Vaping started earnestly as an alternative to smoking but who knew that within a short time span it will cover so much ground. Today with thousands of vapers all over the world, it has transformed into a viral trend that is attracting more and more people towards it. But before following anyone blindly, it is advisable that you do a quick search and find out if it is appropriate for you or not.

sub ohm tanks - 2The sub ohm tanks are the next generation atomizers that bridge the gap between the pros and the new beginners and probably best used with a box mod. The tanks use disposable and pre-made coils that are safe and works efficiently. The tanks are a perfect take for the new entrants who do not want to start on something heavy and less delightful. Sub ohm tanks will provide you with bigger and more humongous clouds than those achieved from ordinary vaping devices. The tanks offer you an intense flavor that is difficult to resist or forego once you get the feel and pleasure of it. That’s why people who get a shot at sub ohm tanks can never get the taste out of their mouth. The higher wattage that is used in these tanks gives you a feel of more traditional smoking experience. Although the airflow is kept wide to keep these vapors cool and bearable enough for your lips but most of the people like the warm tinge on their lips, like the feel of smoking a burning cigarette.

Since the tanks allow you to produce bigger and larger clouds, they also ensure that you get more flavor with each large cloud you produce. The tanks are famous for production of large massive clouds along with exquisite and delightful flavors.

The sub ohm tanks have transformed tremendously since their inception days and they are garnering more fans and global market with each passing day. But they also require pre knowledge for safety and a relaxing experience. Usage of any e-juice with a nicotine level higher than 0.6 mg can backfire. It can turn into actually something very harsh for your taste. So it is better to avoid using juices with high nicotine levels.

Some of the most trending sub-ohm tanks are:



The huge Taste Furious Version 4 tanks are made by SMOK will give you an unforgettable experience. It comes with a quadruple and triple coil alongside a very dapper RBA section. At 140 Watts, it gives you massive vapors that are difficult to achieve with anything else. The flavor gets more intense as you increase the wattage but the tank also starts getting hotter. At lower temperature, you can get only wisps of the flavor. The quadruple coil though has strong flavor indications even at lower wattage levels but it entirely sucks up your e-juice so you have to carefully pick the best one. Overall it is an extremely well made and sturdy tank

2. Kanger sub tank:

Kanger tanks are very well known and the pioneer ones in the industry of sub ohm tanks. The Kanger subtank contains two coils with a RBA. The whole tank is beautiful in appearance with stainless steel and red combo. Coming from Kanger, it is nothing short of high quality. The tank though is heavy and slightly taller than its other contemporaries. Although it is larger than the other tanks but it also comes with the added benefit, it can hold e-juice upto 6 ml. The capacity is far much than other tanks in the industry with the same sturdy look.

The assembly of the tank may be a setback for some but once it is securely in place, it gets easier to use the subtank. The cloud production with the 0.5 ohm coil is nothing short of impressive. The fumes are denser and larger. The e-juice flavor can be fully mouthed due to Japanese cotton that is used inside it. Overall it is an amazing tank with the right blend of flavors and clouds but perhaps a little downside on weight issue.

3. Aspire Atlantis V2:

The Aspire Atlantis V2 is a markedly improved version of the original one. The pure organic cotton used in this tank helps in getting the most out of the e-juice. There are three different ohmic coils in this version compared to the previous one. The tank capacity has also been increased. The original ones were capable of holding 2 ml of e-juice, the improved version can handle 3 ml. The size of the tank is small and fit for those who feel awkward with the sturdier and larger ones such as Kanger subtanks. Moreover increasing the size will be at the flavor of the juice and no vaper would want that.

The plus point is that it is easy to use and very affordable as compared to other tanks. The negative point is that it sucks up a lot of juice unlike its counterparts even at low wattage settings too.

4. Joyetech Delta II:

The Delta II has a very nice feature that may not be essential for some but is very helpful; the juice control. It is perfect for lung inhalers and comes with 5 sub ohmic coils. The juice flow can be set a lower setting if you are using juice that has higher PG. It has capacity of 3.5ml of e-juice and is plainly easy to use. It can also be used at higher wattage settings such as 60 Watts without any complaints or safety lapses. The flavor is very nice and the fumes are large.

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