Electronic Cigarette FAQ's

Electronic cigarettes are the new trend of the 21st century, promoted by both specialists and connoisseurs who see in them the best possible alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, e-cigs are still something new for many people. Here are some faqs on electronic cigarettes that will explain in detail what electronic cigarettes are, what are their benefits and their drawbacks. You will also learn how to use these devices and how to stay away from passive smoking threats.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a device that imitates smoking, some may look like real cigarettes, and some are custom built, but they all have the same purpose, they produce a vapor which contains both nicotine and flavoring to give the smoker the true sense of smoking without the inhalation of toxic chemicals.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes feature a design that mimics the appearance of regular tobacco cigarettes, but with a modern aspect. There are tens of brands on the market and hundreds of unique electronic cigarettes, each having its own unique aspect and features. However, all electronic cigarettes consist of a vaporizer, a battery, a mouthpiece and a cartridge. The cartridge can be refilled using refill packs, with various flavors, from vanilla and chocolate to mint and strawberry. Instead of burning tobacco, the liquid is heated up and then vaporizer. This vapor is similar to the smoke of regular cigarettes, but it contains the flavor of the cartridge.

How many types of e-liquid are there?

Due to the large product spectrum, there is no official list of substances available. Usually, the basic mixture of electronic cigarettes liquid is composed of glycerol and propylene glycol. These two main solutions act as fumigation agents for other ingredients, such as nicotine, flavors and scents. Liquids can contain various fragrances and scents, such as menthol, mint, vanilla extracts, malic acid, linallol, tabanone, and chocolate, just to name a few. Visit our popular e-liquid reviews to see more.

Does FDA approved electronic cigarettes?

Until now there haven’t been any studies conducted by the FDA regarding the safety and effectiveness of electronic smoking devices such as vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. However, a group of specialists from the FDA have conducted limited laboratory studies on several products. In most of the cases, they found significant quality issues, in terms of cartridges labelled to contain no nicotine containing this substance and some flavors marketed as natural flavors being artificial. However, the naked truth is that most products on the market are labelled as containing natural substances, even though their ingredients are mostly artificial. This should not be a huge problem for electronic cigarette fans.

What is the average life of electronic cigarette batteries?

Normally, this depends on the quality of the manufacturer. On the average, a standard battery gives you 300 puffs before it dies. You can find a wide range of batteries on the market, so if you want to find a battery that lasts longer, you should be willing to pay more.

Are e-cigarettes dangerous for health?

The WHO (World Health Organization) has first outlined the health benefits of e-cigarettes back in 2008, as they were considered much safer for health than traditional cigarettes. However, after further studies and research, it has still not been proven that inhaling vaporized liquids can have a negative impact on the health of consumers, even with the amounts of nicotine, glycerol, propylene glycol and other additives. Due to the lack of knowledge in this area, doctors and scientists are somehow reserved when it comes to using electronic cigarettes. Recently, WHO has issued a ban on e-cigarettes in indoor spaces, because they are worried about electronic cigarette smokers switching to regular cigarettes, and want them regulated? Scientists disagree with this and claim that switching to electronic cigarettes can save thousands of lives each year and wish then to retract their statement.

Is passive smoking a problem when it comes to electronic cigarettes?

According to a recent study performed by WHO, passive smokers are affected by e-smokers, especially in indoor spaces. E-smokers may mix their own liquids for more potency. These concentrates could be harmful to bystanders who have never smoked before or are used only to tobacco smoking. Since these haven’t been tested in a secure environment, it is expected that passive smokers to experience side effects such as nausea, vomiting or headaches. In private homes, electronic cigarettes should be handled similar to traditional cigarettes, therefore never be used in the presence of pregnant women, sick people or children with asthma.

Are e-cigarettes helpful to quit smoking?

More and more avid smokers have moved from regular smoking to electronic smoking because they were told e-cigs can help them quit smoking. However, in this regard there is a lack of clinical studies to support this assumption. Still, in order to overcome this addition, users can try nicotine inhalers permitted under pharmaceutical laws. These are pre-tested and tested over and over again in laboratories in order to ensure maximum efficiency and fast results.

Do electronic cigarettes come with warranty?

Certainly! Most manufacturers include a warranty of minimum 1 year. However, when purchasing the device, you should see if the warranty covers your investment in case your device is stolen or lost. Only a few manufacturers offer a full warranty, no questions asked. Also, some manufacturers will not cover all parts. For instance, some companies do not offer warranty for the charger or the battery, only for the vaporizer.

Have there been any e-cigarette health cases

So far, there have been only two cases of acute nicotine poisoning. According to WHO, those liquids with concentrated amounts of nicotine or other dangerous substances pose an extra health threat for children under 8 years of age. So far, there haven’t been found any antidote to counteract the negative effects of e-poisoning.

Should you switch over to electronic cigarettes?

This is a legit question, especially as more and more smokers are eager to try electronic cigarettes. Speaking bluntly, e-cigs are less harmful than traditional cigarettes due to several reasons. First off, they do not contain tobacco or tar, which are by far the most dangerous substances for smokers. Secondly, electronic cigarettes do not produce harmful smoke, as the water vapor dissipates as soon as the user exhales. Moreover, e-cigs do not affect your teeth and lungs, as they do not contain all those harmful carcinogens contained by regular cigarettes. To top it all, electronic cigarettes are less expensive.

Electronic cigarettes are definitely the new trend of our modern age. Until FDA regulates the use of e-cigs, it is recommended to use them cautiously. However, it is much better to smoke e-cigs than traditional cigarettes. With these in mind, enjoy electronic smoking and stay safe from the harmful effects of tobacco found in regular cigarettes.

Where can I find the best electronic cigarette?

This is the reason we started working on this website, to give you a better idea about how to choose the right electronic cigarette. You first need to consider which type of smoker are you, if you are a current smoker who really wants to give electronic cigarette smoking a go as an alternative then the eGo type is probably best for you, you can read more about that type here. Alternatively, if you are just a casual smoker and want to try them out, but don't want the hassle of buying seperate e-liquid etc then the cigi-like or mini electronic cigarette is best, you can read more about the cigi-like e cigarette here.

On our homepage we try to identify which type of smoker you are, this gives us a better idea of what type of electronic cigarette would suit you best.