Care For Your E Cigarette Guide

E-cigarettes might seem delicate, which they are, but these gadgets tend to be maintenance free. Technically, you will only need to change the cartridge and recharge the battery constantly. Nevertheless, that is not enough to ensure your electronic cigarette is well taken care of. You will need to learn how to care for your electronic cigarette in the right way.

Here are some of the tips that will help you to maintain your e-cigarette and ensure its life is extended;


Keep Your Battery Safe

Electronic Cigarette Battery safetyThis might seem very apparent, but there are times where you might get so excited from vaporizing until you forget where you placed your battery. For that matter, you will need to keep your battery away from direct sunlight, because excess heat will reduce the life of the battery. Another palpable thing is that the battery should be kept away from water. Also, keep it away from the edge of the table, because the battery life will be affected if it falls constantly.


Use the Battery Constantly

This concept applies the same with physical exercises, in that, the more you use the battery, the more efficient it becomes. This is because the power will flow easily via the cells if you use it regularly. The type of battery used in most of the electronic cigarettes is the lithium-ion, which needs to be used constantly for better performance.


Charge the Battery Prior to Draining Fully

Apparently, too many people have the propensity to let the battery completely drain out, before they can recharge it, which reduces the life of the battery. Preferably, you are expected to recharge the battery when you notice less power, or rather, when you have used more than half the power available. Typically, a battery that is completely drained will not pick up easily. Conversely, a battery that has some power left will easily pick up and you will be back to your vaporizing in the shortest time possible.


Avoid Storing the Battery with Charge Below 50%

In as much as you might not be using the battery, but it is fitted in the e-cigarette, the power will still be consumed. For that, if you need to keep the battery for future use, then you will need to ensure it is completely charged. Leaving it with less than 50% charge will make it drain the power faster, this will make it to work harder in order to deliver the required power. In turn, this will be reducing the lifespan.


Unplug the Cartridge From the Battery When You Not Using

The only time that you can leave the cartomizer attached to the battery is if you don’t plan to use the gadget for quite a long time. The cartridge normally has nicotine liquid and a heating element, which will gradually drain your battery as you leave it attached. For that it is highly recommended to disconnect the cartridge anytime you are not using it. This will help to reduce the charging frequency and in general, it will help to keep your battery for long, before you may need to change it.


Unscrew the Battery When it is Charged Completely

Once you have finished charging the battery, you will need to take it off immediately. By removing the battery after charging will ensure that you avoid overcharging. Overcharging will overwork the gadget and as a result, the battery life will be reduced. You will only need to leave it on the charge for one more hour when you have purchased it, or when you are using it for the first time.


Always Keep The Contacts and Threads Clean

You must ensure that the contacts and the threads on the cartridge and battery are kept clean, at all times. This will also help to sustain a longer battery life. Any time these areas become dirty or moist, you will need to wipe them with the required cloth. This will help to maintain the condition of these parts and it will also keep them cleaner, for a longer working life.

Just like any other electronic device the e-cigarettes need keen observance and they will require tender care in order to avoid it breaking or reducing the battery life. The most important thing to do is to store the vaporizer in a safe place, ideally, in the original case that is always purchased with it.