The Cig-a-like Electronic Cigarette Guide

Tobacco users interested in switching to e-cigs find the cig-a-like (cigarette lookalike, mini or micro) most preferable. Minis have the look and feel of the conventional cigarette. The compact and lightweight appearance of this e-cigarette gives its user an easy and discreet avenue to get his or her dose of nicotine. Micros are also popular since they are produced in rechargeable and disposable styles.

The Cig-a-like electronic cigarette is often classed as a beginner type of product, but it’s not that easy to say, and to pick the best electronic cigarette we recommend reading our dedicated and detailed guide on finding the best electronic cigarette.

Cig-a-likes – in terms of performance – resemble the larger e-cig models. However, they come with cartomizers and a battery; the more sophisticated models utilize clearomizers and tanks instead of cartomizers.


Components of the Cigarette Lookalike

Most vapers use cig-a-like products at some point. Although there is a wide range of brands that you can choose from, they all have standard model types that single-out their thread types and sizes. Therefore, if you are aware of the series, you can mix and fit parts from different sellers. Despite the “no proprietary models” claims made by manufacturers, all minis have a series number.


Popular Series

The most well known models are the 501 and KR808 series – few others exist. The KR808 (2-piece) model is known to have the most hassle-free and best set up. Major brands – V2 and Green Smoke – use this set up. KR808 comes in two threads, D-1 and D2, which cannot be interchanged.

The 501 (3-piece) is more accommodating because larger companies utilize it; however, its setup is slightly more complicated. Most smokers prefer sticking to one company, but knowledge of different series may provide you with a larger stream of options.


Cig-a-like Batteries

Mini batteries appear in three sizes and are either automatic or manual. When using manual batteries, you have to keep pressing and holding while vaping. The upside of manual batteries is that, they charge relatively fast – most take one hour to get fully charged. Their downside is that, users get fewer puffs on average.

If you were to compare the smallest mini with the standard cigarette, you will realize that some companies sell cartomizers in two different sizes. One of the sizes fits the light smokers, while the other fits the heavy smokers – you may vaper it for 9 hours!

Some cig-a-likes are so convenient that you can simply plug them into your laptop and puff away. Such minis do not require recharging; they are excellent choices when you need to work for long periods on your PC or laptop.


Pros and Cons of the Cigarette lookalike



  • Micro e-cigs resemble the traditional cigarette. This trait is a plus for the traditional cigarette users. The compact nature of the mini e-cigarettes make them easier to use since they attract less attention to the user. They also feel and look like the ordinary cigarette; therefore, people turning to them to cure their addiction will have an easier time.
  • They can conveniently be carried around. Due to their size, you can fit them almost anywhere: in your pocket, in a small carrying case in your backpack, etc. They also do not weigh much.
  • They are very easy to use. You only need to screw the cartomizer and then you can puff away; however, with manual batteries you will have to hold to a button. They also do not drip – you do not have to worry about the cigarette staining your clothes.
  • They are less intimidating. They are very unlike the larger e-cigs, which have a big set up and a slightly peculiar outlook, due to their big size.



  • They look like the traditional cigarette. This is both a plus and a downside. Some people do not like being associated with smoking. Therefore, they stay aloof anything that looks like the conventional cigarette. Such people believe vaping is not like smoking.
  • Tank systems like mods and egos perform better than cig-a-likes. The batteries installed in some of these big mods and tanks last much longer when compared to the micros: the juice in the tanks too. The vapor quality and flavor in the micro is also lower when compared to the bigger e-cigarettes.
  • They are more expensive in the end. Minis are more expensive since you will have to keep buying or filling the used up cartridges – which may be a turn off since it is quite a process.
  • Recapitulating on the above discussion, the cigarette lookalike is the best choice of entry into the e-cig world. It is more discreet due to its compact nature, easy on the eye and more like the traditional cigarette – a plus for the user interested in quitting tobacco smoking. It has its flaws, but they do not super cede its advantages.

The cig-a-like electronic cigarette guide, above, should steer you in the right direction when you feel like trying the micro e-cigarette.

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