The Disposable E-Cig Guide

Here is the disposable electronic cigarette guide that will help you pick the best product to suite your needs.


Using Disposable E-cigarettes

Example of disposable e-cigarettesThere are a few aspects one must go through before purchasing any given brand of disposable electronic cigarettes. This type almost resembles the conventional tobacco cigarette and comes in same flavors (tobacco and menthol). Some may however include other flavors such as cherry crush. Disposable e-cigs are suitable for first time or casual smokers and are relatively cheaper. Unlike rechargeable e-cigs, these models cannot be refilled or reused once the battery and vapor runs out. You only need to open, inhale the vapor and discard once it is over.



There are many types of disposable e-cigs available and two main considerations you should be looking at include;

  • Vape experience – Although the designing and functionality of disposable e-cigarettes is the same and resemble conventional cigarettes, the experience is not necessarily synonymous. Vapers have different requirements and it may take a few trials to finally lay hands on one that suits yours. Experience has various elements including flavor taste and depth, nicotine satisfaction, back throat touch, after-taste among other personal perceptions.
  • Vapor output – Disposable electronic cigarettes are perfect for new vapers and can be used in places that do not allow smoking. However, these cigarettes have a fixed vapor output which varies across brands. As much as choosing those with a higher output is enticing, this judgment should not oversight important elements of experience (flavor depth and nicotine satisfaction).

Other factors include price and availability. Although disposable electronic cigarettes are relatively cheaper when compared to rechargeable, daily vapers may find it just as expensive as conventional smoking.


Examples of best products in the market

As aforementioned, there are several manufacturers and brands of disposable electronic cigarettes flooding the market every week. To choose the best, one may have to post questions in forums, watch YouTube reviews and search for ranking sites and other verification activities which can be time consuming. Alternatively, you can buy a range of products and use all to determine which one works best to satisfy your needs. This can be expensive considering the many types you will have to go through. Fortunately, that is our expertise and choosing some of the best brands in the market is not as daunting as initially though. Two of the leading disposable electronic cigarettes include the following;

  • White cloud (fling) – This cigarette is manufactured by White Cloud company and features a fully pre-charged battery. The craft and design is simply perfect and the cigarette comes as one piece. Some of the enticing characteristics which are also what vapers seek include back throat hit, nicotine satisfaction and high vapor output.
  • BluCig – This is yet another high quality e-cigarette that features an all-in-one construction and about 400 puffs in each cig. It is made using domestic and imported ingredients in USA and does not require any form of assembling. It is very simple to use just like any other disposable e-cig (open-vape-discard).

Other examples of disposable electronic cigarettes include V2, Njoy, Red Dragon, Kanger eVod and Joytech eGo Twist among many others. Isolating the best choice depends on one’s specific satisfaction needs.


Even though e-cigs are yet to be allowed in places such as restaurants and other public places, their characteristics will keep conventions in debates. Their popularity is expanding and manufacturers are exploiting all avenues to come up with newer technologies. When searching for the ultimate disposable electronic cigarette, it is important to first identify your satisfaction needs. There are numerous choices to pick from after going through the disposable electronic cigarette guide and personal preference will determine which e-cig works better.