The eGo E-Cigarette Guide

An ego electronic cigarette is a must-have e cigarette style for those who desire more vapor and simple functionality. They produce the best quality vapor than any disposable and most rechargeable e cigarette. They exist in different sizes, styles and colors – an attribute that enables a person to exercise his/her freedom of choice. That is not all, the products are easy to use and charge. Individuals who are new to electronic cigarettes are advised to explore the amazing features of e cigs by starting with the eGo.

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Variations of the eGo

eGo Electronic CigarettesSince their introduction into the market, the producers of these products have endeavoured to produce products that will impress the users. Their improvements revolve primarily around the design of the atomizer. That is why there are several kinds of atomizers that a person can find in the market. Different cartomizers and tanks are also available. Below is a list of ego options that are available in the market today:


This is the original product in this product line. It features a 650-100mAh battery and a 510 atomizer. Since it is one of the oldest products, its cartridge system is not so good as compared to the latest versions. However, it’s simple design makes it a perfect choice for starters.


It is a basic eGo kit that utilizes a standard 510 atomizer and special cartridges. It is also an ideal product for new users.

eGo Cartomizer

As the name suggests, this is an upgraded version of the eGo kit. They are easy to use since refilling them can be done even by a new user.


This is a special version of the eGo kit that is offered with a single atomizer or 5 cartomizers. It is recommended for all types of users.

eGo Mega cartomizer

If you hate frequent refilling, this is a perfect option for you. This version can hold up to 5ml of e-liquid. They are easy to fill and use.

eGo – C

This versions feature atomizer heads that can be changed without the need to dispose the entire body of the atomizer. It is a great product for those who have advanced since it offers an opportunity to explore what eGo electronic cigarettes have in store.


It is a unique model because it is designed to take a tank style cartridge. The tank is pieced by a tube on the atomizer. It is a good product for those who desire bigger products due to their frequent vaping since the tank can hold over 1 ml of the e-liquid.

The inferno tank kit

The kit comes with a 3.5 ml cartomizer tank and 650mAh and 900mAh batteries. It is designed to provide prolonged vaping pleasure and ease of use. That is why they are one of the most popular products in the market today. It is another great product for beginners.

eGo-C Twist

To wrap up the different types of eGo products, the eGo-C Twist will not go unnoticed. This version has batteries with varying voltage capabilities – a feature that makes them increase the vapor warmth.

Reasons to choose the eGo electronic cigarettes

There are several arguments that can be given in response to the above statement. Some of the arguments have already been mentioned above. To begin with, the standardized ‘510’ thread is seen as one of the contributor of the success of the eGo products. The 510 threading facilitates the use of any cartomizer and tankomizer since any of these items (the cartomizers and tankomizers) will fit. Another argument is that these line of electronic cigarettes offer satisfaction and they are affordable. Many users argue that after trying different disposable and rechargeable e cigs, none of them have been satisfying than the eGo electronic cigarettes. They are powerful and satisfying. Getting started is also easy once a person has obtained the starter kit.

To this end, it appears that the term ‘eGo’ is an ideal name for the product line. They surely uplift the ‘ego’ in a person who thinks there are no good electronic cigarettes out there. Individuals who have been discouraged by some brands are therefore advised to try out these models so that they can quench their thirst. They never let anyone down. In fact, customers reviews in different review and selling sites confirms so.

See The Best eGo E-Cigarettes On The Market