The Mod E-Cigarette Guide

Ever since “mod” was short for “modification”, the eCig industry has evolved from minis or cig-a-likes; mid-sized eCigarettes or eGos; APVs or Advanced Personal Vaporizers to the newest eCig experience dubbed “dripping”. As a matter of fact, mod is now also an umbrella term encompassing a wide range of APVs. The purpose of higher-priced, more-complicated devices is obviously to get a better vaping experience out of the eCig vapor, with greater throat hit and much thicker vapor.


Advanced Mods

Selection of e-cigarette modsSometimes, APVs and Mods are separated into distinct categories depending on the level of advancement. Advanced eCig mods are eCigs that have control features that can be set by using set buttons. They differ from Mechanical Mods which do not have any such features though they can be mechanically re-built and adapted. A mechanical’s atomizer is, for instance, designed to be taken apart.

Advanced Mods are often much more costly than APVs or eGos due to the fact that they are manufactured in small batches and made of titanium, brass or single rods of stainless steel. eCig manufacturers like Innokin, SmokTech or JoyeTech make variable-voltage or variable-wattage advanced mods.


But why Vary Wattage or Voltage?

Typical eCigs contain regulated or unregulated batteries, but their vapor output is not adjustable by a user. Normal eCig voltage is between 3.7V and 4.2V.

Variable voltage – and sometimes wattage – gives a vaper the advantage of choosing their eCig’s voltage to resistance ratio to best suit the viscosity of eLiquid if considered against a tank’s resistance.

It is often common to find that choosing a particular eLiquid brand comes with different settings than other brands in advanced mods. This has everything to do with the amount of propylene glycol – or vegetable glycerin –used for a particular puff of vapor and throat hit. Ranges of up to 6V are available and worth spending on; subtle differences in vaping experience are achievable with these.

Advanced mods have dials and buttons that are used to set what figures you want with a screen showing the numbers that display your desired wattage or voltage as well as other measurements. Some eCig brands have a spinning dial – referred to as a spinner – attached to the bottoms of their batteries.

More features in advanced mods include showing how much battery life is remaining in your eCig and the number of puffs taken. MVPs are compatible with computer software that enable one to create reports of how they are using the vaporizer, for instance, number of puffs taken per charge; preferred voltage settings; etc.

Many advanced eCig mods also do have battery protections from over-charge and/or reverse fitting.


So,What About Dripping?

This is an emerging new way designed to enjoy your eLiquid. Usually, an eCig’s aim is to keep its eLiquid inside the atomizer rather than having it dripping anywhere. But this new technique dubbed dripping allows vapers to drip their eLiquid onto the atomizer and vape directly, rather than via a wick like in standard cartridges. Currently, some complicated atomizers allow this.

The latest group of vapers calling themselves “drippers” claim that the flavor gotten from dripping is far superior to wick eLiquid. But there is a price to pay for this flavor boost: convenience! With no storage tank involved, you will have to carry your eCig, its special dripping atomizer and eLiquid bottle with you wherever you go.


Let’s Now Get Into It!

Following is a list of commonly used mods in an e-cigarette:

1. Tube Mods

The most widely resorted to personal vaporizer modification is a Tube Mod. Such mods are available in various sizes but one thing that remains common is its tube like appearance. A tube mods always carry a rechargeable and replaceable battery inside the casing.

2. Box Mods

These mods are created out of wood boxes. Such mods are quite primitive and date back to the beginning of e-cigarettes. However, the most advanced ones that are available have the provision to adjust voltage, charge via USB and an in-built liquid container.

3. E-cig Passthrough Mods

Passthrough mods have the provision to connect the e-cigarette to an external power source such as a computer, a video game console or a portable power unit to provide a continuous source of power.

4. Tanks

E-cigarette tank systems is another mod which is on people’s minds these days. The markets are full of varieties of tanks including mini tanks such as EX Max from V2 and bigger ones like Triton and Volcano. They have measuring lines on them which are a boon for a vaping connoisseur who mixes e-juices.

5. E-cig Juice modifications

This modification to a traditional e-cigarette liquid may not qualify to be a mod but the fact that you can use any type of e-liquid with any setup certainly deserves a mention. E-liquids mods are available in various flavors and nicotine levels. As a part of modification, there may be variations in the proportions of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. More propylene glycol may mean more throat hit.



To Sum Up What We Have Learn’t!

APVs are known for their advanced electronics. In very basic terms, APVs control the output of power through an electronic circuitry. Advanced Personal Vaporizers differ in the amount of power output that they can generate. Some of the advanced personal vaporizers allow users to select the desired wattage and voltage setting irrespective of what is attached to it. This is generally expressed in the form of amperage.

While lower end devices may be restricted to 2 amps, more expensive ones can have amperage of more than 5 amps. This amperage is the measure of power that can be applied to the tank which has been attached to the device. It has been found that different people have different amperage requirement from their devices. Most of them remain satisfied with 2 amp while there may be few who require much over 10 amps to begin with.

Variable voltage devices adjust the output voltage depending on the resistance of the clearomiser present in the device. Other features of an APV may include battery level display, resistance checking and screen.

The only downside of such mods/personal vaporizers is that they invariably increase the size of the e-cigarette. This makes them less portable and difficult to carry. However, for the vaping enthusiast who does not bother much about the size and concentrates more on enhanced functionality, mods are the right choice. Modern personal vaporizers offer a wide range of color and design choices as well to suit the style of the user. They are very reasonable priced and available in plenty at online stores which makes them easy to procure.