Eversmoke Review

Many people consider EverSmoke as one of the high-end packages available on the e-cig market. This brand is getting excellent feedback so far. When you receive your kit, you will notice that the company packaged everything nicely. This should not be a surprise because everything related to the company has been really streamlines and clean.

If you have a look on their website, you will see it for yourself. EverSmoke does everything with the interests of the client in mind. Each product from this company is a delight to try it. Among the kits recommended mostly is the EverSmoke Ultimate Kit. This package contains many items for $149.99.

The price may shock you but you will understand it once you open your kit. It comes with three various rechargeable batteries. The automatic battery is the mini and provided 175 puffs. The long battery is also automatic and offers 350 puffs. The second long battery is manual with a button to activate it. This battery offers 350 puffs. It is a good move from the company to include a manual battery in the kit. This provides experienced smokers a bit more control on the amount of vapor they receive. In addition, they can determine the length of time to sustain each drag.

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In addition of the batteries, you receive also in the kit fifteen cartridges, a regular carrying case, a car adapter, a USB charger, a portable wall charger, a power cig, and a personal charging case. You have also a manual for using your device and its components properly.

The company dated everything so that you know when your device and items came off the assembly line along with the date of their inspection. The tip of the EverSmoke electronic cigarette is crystal lighting up to an orange color. This light looks like the burning end of a tobacco cigarette.

You can also choose various great accessories from EverSmoke. The company offers personal charging packs, USB chargers, and typical car chargers. In addition, you can select batteries of high capacity and miniature batteries. The company offers even a lanyard. This last offer is a comfortable option to keep your electronic cigarette with you when you are on the go.

Eversmoke BatteriesYou can also decide to buy separately a personal charging case. This will cost you $49.99. This personal charging case holds 5 cartridges and can charge your batteries easily while you are on the go. This is like having in your pocket an electrical outlet. In addition, this accessory has a beautiful LED display functioning each time in order to show the remaining charge of your battery. It has also an exterior flash light and an interior case light. This feature is helpful when you are trying to find your keys from your purse or want to unlock your main door in the middle of the night. The LED will make a big difference between your device and keys.

EverSmoke provides a good diversity of cartridges to select from. The company offers ten flavors including pina colada, peach passion, cherry crush, coffee creation, very vanilla, peppermint party, cool menthol, golden tobacco, royal tobacco, and classic tobacco. The range of nicotine strengths is from 0 to 24mg. in order to save money, you can purchase cartridges in packs of 5, 10, or 15. The cartridges are all made in China but the ingredients are made in USA.

The manufacturers coded the cartridges from their color so that you know the nature of flavor you are using. When you choose your cartridges, you will do better to think about the color of your battery. If you want your device to look beautiful, you can choose cartridges and batteries of the same color.

When it comes to performance, EverSmoek electronic cigarette is a winner. The device produces a good level of vapor close to the amount produced by Green Smoke and V2 cigs. The throat hit from EverSmoke tends to be a medium. This means that the throat hit is strong enough to satisfy you without feeling harsh or overwhelming.

You can be sure that all cartridge flavors from EverSmoke are very vivid. The price of EverSmoke’s kits is very competitive. If you compare the strength of its vapor production and the large variety of flavors, you will notice that the process of different kits is nothing. The company makes sure that there is a kit for any type of budget with several options.

Eversmoke cartridges

In brief, EverSmoke electronic cigarette is a really good product offering you at a reasonable price a high-end experience. You can give Eversmoke a try if you are thinking of exploring a new brand of electronic cigarette. So far, many users who try it loved it and you can also have the same result. Therefore, do not hesitate.

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