Green Smoke E Cig Review


Green Smoke is one of the leading and largest online companies offering e-cigs across the world. Its advanced technologies allow its customers to enjoy almost everything about smoking, which can give them the utmost enjoyment from environmentally friendly smoking. This means no butts, no smoke, and no ash, just vapor and rich taste from the perfect vape volume. This particular brand of e-cigs resembles a common traditional cigarette, and the only difference being the nicotine and battery system is delivered via an odorless vapor.

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Range Of Products

Every brand of e-cigarettes has its own selection of kits and accessories. These kits are basically bundles and give all that a smoker would need to begin their vaping experience. Buying their starter kits permit a smoker to save money instead of having to purchase each piece one by one.

All starter kits from this brand are exclusive of a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty.

Vital kit is $29.99 and it include all the fundamental vaping components including one rechargeable battery, one USB charger and 2 FlavorMax cartomizers that can continue as long as 3 packs of standard cigarettes.

Express Kit is $59.97 and contains one rechargeable battery, one continuous electricity smoke, one USB charger and wall adapter and one carry case to place them all in. In addition, it contains 5 FlavorMax cartomizers that an average smoker can have as if he were smoking 7.5 packs of cigarettes.

Pro Kit is $99.97 and it contains 2 rechargeable batteries, one each of continuous electricity smoke, wall adapter, USB charger, car adapter and a carrying case. It’s 10 FlavorMax cartomizers that are equal to 15 packs of cigarettes.


Video Review

Check out this video review of Green Smoke we found on you tube:


Battery Life and Its Overall Performance

The most popular model of Green Smoke e-cigarette has the KR808D battery. The short/small type of these batteries has 160 mAh rating, while the long/large battery has 270-mAh rating. Obviously the larger battery holds more charge and lasts the whole day for a heavy smoker, our advice is to always have a spare on charge!

In our tests, the small battery lasted between 2 – 3 hours of constant use, which is around 300 puffs, and the large battery lasts for between 2.5 – 4 hours, which translates to 350 – 400 puffs depending on how you use it. Nevertheless, these batteries are good for an average smoker. The switch is highly sensitive to activate the battery at any slightest drag and its design quality is visibly superior to several other similar-size batteries available in the market. We also tried a few shock test, throwing it to the floor and the wall, and to be honest, it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference, so it is obviously well made!

However, Green Smoke electronic cigarettes do not offer manual batteries, which I know for some is a bit of a drawback. The threading of Green Smoke battery is usually a D-2. This means that most of the KR808D cartomizers available in the market may fail to work with this brand. This is obviously a marketing ploy, to make sure you only buy Green Smoke cartomizers in the future!


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FlavorMax Cartomizers

The factors that contribute to the success and hit of Green Smoke are its advanced technologies. The sophisticated technology of flavor, named Flavor Max, makes the device explode with great production of flavor and smoke. This technology makes FlavorMax cartomizers pretty famous.

Through this technology that enhances the freshness and taste of flavors, Green Smoke makes sure that your vaping experience is unmatched and unforgettable. In order to protect your battery, there is the Sensor Safe Battery Protection that prevents the vapor and e-liquid from damaging the battery.

All facilities adhere to international standards which is very reassuring for us consumers. The manufacturers conduct serious tests on every batch of e-liquid in order to determine absence of contamination, nicotine consistency, and many other things. The company tests also batteries for safety and airflow.


To Conclude

Conclusively, this brand is among the top brands of electronic cigarettes in the world, that has what most users are looking for in their vaping experience. The availability of different flavors gives you the opportunity to choose your personal favorite. Using electronic cigarettes offered by them is choosing a responsible smoking brand without compromising an enjoyable experience of smoking. You will have a smooth and pleasurable experience because each cartomizer produces quality vapor which looks and tastes like smoking that is smooth and rich.

The taste and flavor of this brand are intense. You can even use your device while charging it and it is easy to replace cartridges. They are among the leading and largest online companies providing electronic cigarettes. The manufacturers developed sophisticated technologies in their innovation labs.


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