Joyetech eGo ONE Review

Introducing The Joyetech EGO ONE

At first, no one ever considered that conventional smoking would be replaced, but now it has seen huge developments with the entry of revolutionized electronic cigarettes like the Joyetech eGo ONE. One of the latest e-cigarettes from Joyetech, the eGo ONE is designed to offer convenience in its size while also ensuring unmatched quality.

Joyetech ego ONE

What is different about the Joyetech eGo ONE? The striking feature about this vaporizer is its small size as it is shorter than other ordinary e-cigarettes, but the quality of vape is unbelievable. This makes it easy to store and carry around while also giving it some elegance in its unique size. However, its small size does not compromise the experience in vaping — it comes with additional beneficial features such as lung unhale with 0.5 ohm atomizer and mouth to lung inhales with the 1.0 ohm atomizer. Some people prefer letting the vapor cloud in their mouth before inhaling it, other prefer it goes through to the lungs imediately. The Joyetech eGo ONE e-cig supports both smoking styles by offering two interchangeable atomizers.


Atomizer Heads

The Joyetech CL 1.0ohm atomizer is designed to support dragging while the CL 0.5ohm produces a smooth flow of vapor that flows seamlessly to the lungs.

  • Portability – During their inception, e-cigs were considerably large and consequently attracted a lot of attention from smokers and non-smokers alike. However, this e-cig has overcome this by being one of the smallest vaporizers in the market. To this end, it comes with benefits such as easy of carrying around as it can fit in the smallest of spaces. In addition, it is ideal to use discretely in public.
  • High-capacity batteries – The Joyetech eGo ONE also features two versions of high capacity built-in batteries. You have the option to go with an 1100 mAh battery or a 2200 mAh battery, both capable of providing prolonged vaping times. These are further enhanced by its excellent energy saving features.
  • Energy saving – This e-cigarette has two features meant to ensure that the battery lasts longer. To start with, it comes with a power button, an on/off switch activated by pressing it five times in a quick succession. To this end, users can simply switch off the vaporizer when not switching, ensuring the available charge is saved.

In addition, the eGo ONE is designed to automatically shut down in case the activation button is pressed for 15 seconds. This prevents prolonged heating and battery drain as it can be done unknowingly. You are also able to monitor the level of charge in the battery by a light indicator that features brilliantly on the e-cig. This indicator is designed to stay lit when the battery is fully charged, blink slowly when halfway charged and blink rapidly when the charge reaches below 10%. This makes it easy to decide when to plug the e-cig into the charger.

Take a look at this video to see the eGo ONE is operation:

  • Pass-through charging – So, you have to vape, but then you also have to wait for the e-cig to charge. This can be disappointing, but not with the eGo ONE as it has pass-through charging capabilities. As such, you can easily vape while charging the device without worrying about degrading the battery. However, make sure that the battery already has some charge before doing this for uninterrupted smoking, as smoking tends to use more energy than is being replaced when charging.
  • Safety First – The Joyetech eGo ONE upholds your safety through advanced short circuit protection. This ensures that faulty atomizers, if any, are not activated, preventing any threats that may arise from the fault. This not only keeps you safe, it also ensures that the e-cig does not develop complications owing to faulty parts.

Your ideal e-cig is the Joyetech ego ONE, the ease to carry and use it. This is quite handy for the frequent smoker, as the device can be carried anywhere and used discretely without raising attention. In addition, it supports a broad array of flavors, making the experience just as device as with other e-cigs and even more enjoyable. Owing to its popularity, this e-cig is widely available and affordable, enabling virtually everyone at the legal age of smoking to enjoy its advanced benefits. Conclusion This e-cig really sets itself apart from the rest as shown in this Joyetech eGo ONE e-cigarette review. In addition, it is widely available and affordable, making it without a doubt your ideal e-cig.