Popular E-Liquid Reviews

If you are not a new vaper anymore and had some experience with electronic cigarettes, you surely tried various flavors. Beginners start out often with menthol and tobacco varieties before to transition quickly into fruity and sweet blends. One of the most popular choices is RY4 which is a mixture of tobacco, vanilla, and caramel.

Almost every firm of e-juice provides basic flavors including grape, cinnamon, cherry, and caramel. If you are the type of smoker who is always looking for new tastes and more complex formulas, then, you should try some of the flavors below. To get the best out of your juice make sure you have all the information you need on the actual electronic cigarette by visiting our homepage. Alternatively if your still not sure we have written a detailed and easy to follow guide on finding the best electronic cigarette.

VaporFi E-Liquid

Vapor Fi E-Liquid Review
Vapor Fi has well over 115 pre-made flavors which are adored by their customer and fan base and I have to admit, I’m one of those! They provide a unique service, that is “create your own combination” where you can mix up to 3 flavors of your choice which is in addition to the conventional nicotine levels you want.

They also recently established a “flavor of the month club” where it is possible to get distinct flavors delivered to your doorstep monthly. This enables you to try new flavors and never run out of e-liquid, if you are a little bit fed up of the same flavors, then this is great, because you always look forward to the next delivery to see what flavor arrives, and you never know, a new favorite might just be in the post!

When it comes down to it, VaporFi is among the greatest e-liquid suppliers and for the money, probably the best. For less than $5 per 10 mL and flavors that really taste good, it makes it worth the cost. We’d certainly advocate VaporFi for anybody looking to try new e-juices.

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Suicide Bunny

suicide bunny e-liquidSuicide Bunny offers Mothers Milk. Users describe this flavor as a sweet strawberry exhale and creamy custard. Suicide Bunny is popular in the vaping community with a good reputation. This creamy and rich custard had some subtle hints of strawberry. Many compare this flavor to strawberry Nesquick but much more delicious and succulent. A user who tried it reported that the flavor tastes best warm and when you exhale it through your mouth; you get a taste of a sweet strawberry. If you exhale it through your nose, you get a flavor type graham cracker. The user rates it ten out of ten and encourages other smokers to give it a try. Suicide Bunny are available at Henley Vape:

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Mt. Baker Vapor

Baker Vapor E-LiquidMt. Baker Vapor launched on the market one of its unique and most popular flavors called HawkSauce. This flavor is a fruity combination of grape and berries with a soft kick of menthol. Two additional shots of flavors make it sweet and nice, with a slightly minty and sour aftertaste. This flavor is very refreshing and even if menthol does not attract you very much, you will enjoy this flavor since it will tone you down enough for you to use it throughout the day. One user who tried it said that this flavor is really complex. Usually the menthol gives him some fatigue after hours but the menthol contained in this flavor is so light that he could enjoy it for hours without the usually side effects. He enjoyed also the blend of sour and sweet filling his mouth with stamina the entire day. He placed this flavor among his five favorite ones.

One of the most popular e-juices from Mt. Baker Vapor is Thug Juice. Even if this name does not attract people politically, the flavor has numerous followers. Users describe it as tasting like some menthol, a little of sweetener, watermelon, and grape. This minty flavor has a refreshing and cool taste. The company offers an option of adding additional flavor in order to balance the little high level of the menthol side. One of its fans said that since she bought the flavor one year ago, she kept coming back for more. According to her, Thug Juice has sweet undertones of grape and watermelon mixed with a cool kick of menthol that hits you straight in your face. This flavor is for you if you like menthol combined with fruits.

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Fuzion Vapor

Fuzion Vapor JuiceUnicorn Blood from Fuzion Vapor is a flavor extremely popular among smokers. According to the company, unicorns are known as the single most magical being that ever existed and their blood had butterfly kisses and magical powers. Just like the company describes it, this flavor tastes fruity and sweet. If you do not have baby’s yawning, snuggly blankets, and cute kitties, you will like this flavor for sure. Some reviewers say that it tastes like Skittles and others compare it to Hawaiian Punch. This flavor has very strong undertones of cherry and strawberries. When you exhale, there is a sweet flavor of fruit punch that lingers after it. No matter if you like or not colored flavors, you will like Unicorn Blood because it had blood-red coloring which is deep. This means that not only this flavor tastes like a real blood of unicorn, but it also looks like it.


Five Pawns

Five Pawns E LiquidMany vapers know Five Pawns for producing hand-crafted, premium e-juice. This company uses ingredients of high quality to create flavors in small batches. One of the most popular e-juices from this firm is Gambit. This flavor tastes like a rich apple pie dribbled with caramel and on the top you have ice cream of creamy vanilla. Gambit is super creamy, sweet, and rich. One user said that it took him just one vape to conclude that this flavor is the best e-juice he ever taste since he entered the vaping world. According to him, this flavor is delectable stunningly and tasty insanely. Five Pawns are available at Henley Vape:

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Seduce Juice

seduce JuiceMany smokers rave about Snake Oil produced by seduce Juice. This flavor is so popular that many sellers created clones of it. The company describes it as a cream base with emphasis on pear, and a hint of coconut. One user said that when you inhale, it is pear and when you exhale it is a creamy coconut. The user added that even if other flavors tend to produce such taste, Snake Oil is a very complex and rich juice.


Cosmic Fog

Milk and Honey by Cosmic FogThere are now many trumpet sounds around Milk & Honey by Cosmic Fog. This is because this flavor is so delicious. If you want to picture its taste, think about your honey resting in a bowl of milk for absorbing all the honey and sweet goodness. Then, drink it but Milk &b Honey is much better. His flavor is extra smooth, super creamy, and lightly sweet. You can purchase it online and in premier vape stores. According to the company, using this flavor will take you to the land of milk and honey with sweet milk raining from the sky. Cosmic Fog are available at Henley Vape:

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Space Jam

Space Jam E-LiquidEven though Space Jam is a new brand relatively, its latest e-juice named Astro received a number of attentions. This flavor is a fruity mixture of peach, strawberries, and green apple. The balance is perfect with the appropriate amount of sweetness and tart. This combination makes this flavor a delicious and smooth all-day vape. When you inhale, there is a subtle sour apple and the aftertaste is a sweet strawberry with a hint of peach. One of its fans describes it as being the best flavor in the world since he tried numerous e-juices over years. He keeps going back to Astro after trying other flavors. He recommended this flavor to many other users and all of them consider Astro as one of their favorite e-juices.


Pink Spot Vapors

Pink Spot Vapors JuicePink Spot Vapors released one of its best flavors called Happy Ending. Even if this name might not be appropriate just like Thug juice, the flavor is very delicious. To describe it simple, it is creamy and sweet just like its name suggests. An accurate description of this e-juice is a little hard but it tastes like a vanilla with marshmallow on its top and a small hint of mint. Users describe it differently but it is definitely delicious, creamy, and rich. Another fan describes it as absolutely amazing. The user considers it as a baby of a butterscotch and sugar cookie. It is smooth and sweet even if it is difficult to distinguish other details in it. Pink Spot Vapors are available at Henley Vape:

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halo e liquidSo far, Halo produced numerous complex flavors and many among them are a variety of tobacco. Among the more adventurous flavors, there is Tiki Juice. This liquid is a mixture of spiced tobacco with top notes of sweet tropical. Just like Happy ending, it is difficult to describe this flavor. It is a combination of fruity, menthol, sweet, and spicy rolled all into one. It tastes like a pipe tobacco with a perfect balance of a minty, sweet kick without being overpowering. One of the customers of Halo said that he tried Tiki Juice and he could smoke the entire day without getting bored. The user added that this flavor is so delicious and complex that each time he uses it, he seems to taste something a bit different.

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Final Thoughts

These are just some of the most popular juices you can try and enjoy. However, with many types of e-cigarettes and numerous companies offering flavors, you have a large wide of choices. If you used to be a smoker of tobacco cigarette, you can start with tobacco flavors. Eventually, you would like to try new flavors including the ones mentioned above for making your vaping experience very rich. Then, you will find your favorite flavors along with your reliable vendors because there are other flavors not genuine on the market due to the lack of regulation on electronic cigarettes.  You will be able to identify and enjoy each detail you will find in a flavor. Vaping world is vast and you need time for exploring it successfully. Therefore, do not tick to one or two flavors. Explore your new world by trying various types of juices and you will brighten your life. Browse online to find new flavors available on the market and try them.