SmokeTip Review

Compared to other brands of electronic cigarette, the image of SmokeTip is more simplistic. Just because the image is not sophisticated and flashy does not mean that the product is a failure. The website of SmokeTip is not the most impressive and the marketing strategy of other electronic cigarette brands is more aggressive than its strategy. However, Smoke Tip has been around for a long time and is still among the most popular choices of electronic cigarette.


Starter Kits

image of SmokeTips starter kitWhile most of companies of e-cigarettes provide a wide range of starter kits in order to meet the needs and budget of customers, SmokeTip has a different approach. The company sells just one starter kit coming with all the basic necessities of vaping. Therefore, if you need accessories such as portable charging case or car charger, you will have to purchase them separately. Compared to other portable chargers of electronic cigarette, the travel charger case is very affordable. You have a cleaning kit and a pretty standard selection with lanyards, carrying cases. The price of cartridges is well. If you buy more than a single ten pack, you can get the cartridges for very cheap.

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The box containing the single type of starter kit is not attractive for some users. The cardboard used in the design seems to be a cheep one and too large. Except for the oversized logo of Smoke Tip on the lid, there is no information about the content of the box. The same users found the inside of the box not appealing. The manufacturer placed the accessories, cartomizers and batteries in a plastic holder and covered it in suede that the users reported being fake. This makes the entire kit look cheap. This kind of design could be fine five years ago but since then, the industry of electronic cigarette evolves and big firms learned fast that first impressions and presentations count a lot.

When you receive a starter kit of Smoke Tip electronic cigarette, you will find inside a wall adapter, a USB charger, a 5-pack of cartomizer, and 2 small batteries only in automatic mode. These are just the basics items you need or vaping. If you need more items, you will have to purchase them separately.

The starter kit costs $59.99 and this is expensive considering that the batteries do not have even a high capacity. The same users reported that SmokeTip has the least impressive presentation and package of all the electronic cigarettes reviewed. It will be a good thing if they can catch up and improve the presentation of their packages in order to stay competitive.



As mentioned, the company provides two small batteries. When you purchase your starter kit, you have four various colors to choose fro with three different LED colors. The lack of crystal tip impacts negatively on the style. The batteries with white color had thin rings all around similar to the paper of analog cigarette. There is even a plastic tip in grey color that emulates burning tobacco by lighting red. Since the tobacco cartomizers are colored also in might brown, it is clear that the manufacturer wanted the device to have the close look of a realistic cigarette. This can attract some smokers. However, this design does not change the fact the batteries will not last longer since these two components have only 180 mAh each. The positive detail with these batteries is that there are not some outdated model but they are KR808D. However, since they are short, they will not last as long as the 78 mm version sold by other brands.

A 180 mAh battery fully charged produces 200 puffs for two hours. T could be nice if it could produce 225-250 puff range but even if 200 puffs seem to be decent for some users, it is clear that even three batteries of this type will never last an entire day. This means that you will have to purchase additional batteries if you are planning to use the device for a longer time.


Performance and Vapor

There are not serious problems with the performance of SmokeTip electronic cigarette. The switch o the device is very responsive with a cutoff time of 7 seconds. Many users are fine with five seconds but seven seconds are better and more than enough for any lung. The air holes are the only problem for some users. These holes seem to be a little too large. Before your atomizer may generate enough vapors, you will fill your mouth very quickly with the air coming from these large holes.

For many beginners, vapor is the most important thing. However, vapor alone is not enough for satisfying your vaping need. The throat hit and the flavor must be also satisfying. The crucial part of this combination is still the production of vapor that makes electronic cigarettes efficient alternative to traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, a SmokeTip electronic cigarette does not produce enough vapors despite the fact that its batteries are among the most sophisticated ones. The production of vapor requires some effort with inhalation. In order to have a kind of satisfying level of vapor, you need to really prime a few times your atomizer and then take a long draw seriously. Since many other brands of electronic cigarette produce large amount of vapor easily, this method does not worth the effort. However, other users say that the vapor produced by a Smoke Tip electronic cigarette is the thickest among all vapors produced by other brands. Some users thought that the airy batteries play an important role in the low production of vapor and when they used different cartomizers, they got great vapor. The bottom line is that the SmokeTip electronic cigarette does not produce a satisfying amount of vapor.

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Smoketip refillsThe brand provides 19 different flavors with two types of tobacco including Cowboy and Regular. You have many fruity flavors, almond, clove, classic chocolate, menthol, and vanilla. The regular tobacco flavor has the perfect taste and strength. Unlike other tobacco flavors which can be harsh, the one from Smoke Tip is never harsh. Cherry favor tastes like a Jolly Rancher. Many users enjoy grape and cinnamon flavors. However, strawberry and orange do not have strength. It is hard o distinguish their taste. This is the same with banana and some users reported the same lack of strength with pineapple. While diversity is always goo, the most important thing is the quality of the juice. Unfortunately, the e-liquid of SmokeTip does not generate many positive comments. The aftertaste is not bad but it is not very enjoyable, either. Compared to flavors of other electronic cigarettes, the flavors of Smoke Tip are weaker. Even when some smokers used a stronger battery and got some enjoyable puffs, the flavors were still weak. Even with nicotine strength of 12 mg, there was no throat hit while the highest strength of nicotine for Smoke Tip is 16 mg. if you were a heavy smoker used to Lucky Strike or Marlboro Red, this level of strength is not enough. The cartomizers seem to play an important role in the poor production of vapor on the SmokeTip. Generally, batteries work well with different KR808D cartomizers but the batteries provided by Smoke Tip make the vaping experience a bad one. While some cartomizers produce poor vapor, others do not produce at all. The users reported that these cartomizers did not meet their expectations.

While the industry of electronic cigarettes is moving fast, SmokeTip seems to stay behind. The only good thing about this brand seems to be the batteries that perform relatively well. The manufacturer should provide a longer version.


Customer Service

The customer service is pretty good responding quickly to inquiries and emails. The service is also friendly and informative. A user was a little disappointed when he contacted the customer service by phone. However, he received answers to his questions quickly. It will be nice to add a live chat support.

If you spend enough money on its products, the company will reward you with free items. Smoke Tip will offer you a free battery if you buy three 10 packs of cartridges. When you buy 6 instead of 3 ten packs, you get a free USB/wall charger in addition of a free battery. You will get a free kit if you buy ten 10 packs. This means that you receive free items and a price break when you purchase large quantities of cartridges. Therefore, you can save money in the long run if you buy in bulk.



The flavors and the vapor are decent for some users even if you need to do a little effort for having an enjoyable production of vapor. The battery life is shorter than those of other brands but relatively decent with a pretty well performance. Smoke Tip might gain more customers in improving the quality of its devices and components. Price break and free items are a good move along with the friendly customer service.

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