South Beach Smoke Review

This brand is the choice of many Hollywood celebrities such as Jeremy Piven, Mel Gibson, Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, Robert Pattison, and Justin Timberlake. In order to build a strong reputation, the company used a wide presence in social media and traditional outlets including OK Weekly, In Touch, MTV, and New York Post.

When the company launched South Beach Smoke, it was one of the best electronic cigarettes around. South Beach Smoke devices were popular for their realistic experience of smoking, super thick vapor, and tasty flavor. However, the company began losing its place as cheaper starter kits and powerful batteries made their appearance on the market. The company wanted to win back its place among the top brands. This explains its focus on expanding the offering of its products and enhancing its technology.

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One of the results of this strategy was the SuperMAX battery launched recently as one of the mist advanced electronic cigarettes present on the market. Instead of the standard 3.7 volts, this device runs on 4.2 volts. You can use it an entire day without recharging. The vapor produced by this device is thicker and hotter. This is the appropriate complement to the new 24mg cartomizer of South Beach Smoke.

This new device comes also with two intelligent innovations including an automatic process of cleaning that keeps your battery in optimum condition and a monitor of puff that prevents the user from chain vaping. South Beach Smoke offers the starter kit including numerous other items and the price is now affordable. For less than $22, you can obtain a basic kit and the standard kit costs less than $60.

Among the pros of South Beach Smoke, there are an efficient customer service and fast shipping, the starter kits are affordable, you can refill your tank with other e-liquids, the batteries last longer, the levels of nicotine strengths range from 0 to 24mg, and the kit comes with 10 tasteful flavors. The device produces thick clouds of vapor without odor;the throat hit is satisfying while you enjoy an almost natural draw. However, the life of the cartomizer is poor, the kit comes without e-liquid, and the customer service does not offer live chat support.


The battery life is the common problem with most mini devices. There are many brands providing batteries with large capacity and long. However, you will have to charge your device at least once per day if you want to use it the entire day. The obvious reason is that the small size of the device limits its power. South Beach Smoke set up a new technology enabling its products to last longer and maybe more than a day if you use them moderately.

south beach smoke batteries

Most batteries made of Lithium-ion generate per charge cycle around 250 puffs but the SuperMAX can give you easily around 400 puffs. This battery charges also quickly, around an hour, and for producing thick vapor clouds, it does not need priming even if it is its first use.

The automatic mode is the only option for most mini devices but South Beach Smoke added a manual option for users who prefer consistency and precise control over convenience. In order to be more competitive, the company lowered the price of its products without compromising on their quality. The manufacturers used superior materials to make the cartomizer and battery so there is no loose joints and leakage.

Unlike other batteries that fill your mouth with excessive air when you are drawing, a South beach Smoke electronic cigarette generates a natural sensation. You feel as if you are smoking a regular cigarette. If you care about the design, surely, you will like the crystal tip of LED that glows with an effect like ember when you take a puff.

The crackling sound that the device makes when you inhale is the only problem here with the South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette.This is because the manufacturers placed the air intake holes close to the coupling joints instead of placing them at the end of the device.

Thanks to the puff monitor included in the battery, your device will ask you take a break if you within a minute more than 16 times. Therefore, you do not have to worry about chain vaping. With the automatic function of cleaning, the head of the battery will light up during twenty seconds, after 1500 puffs, for telling you that the computer ship is cleaning your device.

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Starter Kit

In the starter kit, you will find also a portable charging case that that fits in your pocket perfectly. The company built also wall chargers differently. There is a separate cord for the wall charger running from the principal box. This way, the plug does not take too much room on your wall outlet or power strip.

south beach smoke starter kits

South Beach Smoke provides a USB cigarette named the Power Cig, disposables, vaping starter kits, and individual rechargeable batteries. There are two sizes of SuperMax batteries, 3.25 inches and 2.5 inches, two switch types, manual and automatic, and two colors, white and black.

There are 4 bundles of starter kits offering by the company. The cheapest is the Reusable Express kit costing $30 and including a USB charger, 1 flavor cartridge, and 1 SuperMAx battery. The Deluxe Starter kits look like the standard kits provided by other companies. This kit costs $60 and comes with a wall/USB charging set, 10 cartridges, and 2 batteries. The Deluxe Plus Starter kit is appropriate for users who want vaping on the go. You can get this kit at $90 with a carrying case, a universal car adapter, a wall/USB charging set, 10 cartridges, 1 Power Cig, and 2 batteries. If you want to enjoy the ultimate experience of vaping, you can get the Deluxe Ultimate Starter kit at $160 with a lanyard, a universal carrying case, car/wall/USB chargers, a portable charging case, 20 cartridges, 1 Power Cig, and 2 batteries. If replacing cartridges or charging batteries does not attract you, you can purchase South Beach Smoke disposables. In each unit if $10, the number of puffs equals 2 packs of regular cigarettes.

The company uses one of the most sophisticated electronic cigarette batteries called the KR808RD. In addition, South Beach Smoke improves the power of this device that is running now on 4.2 volts while the other models run on 3.7 volts. The result is an easier draw and a hotter vapor. On heavy use, a SuperMAX battery full charged will work for four hours. If you are a light user, you can enjoy your device for more than a day. You need just one hour to charge your battery completely.


Vapor and flavor are still the strengths of the company since its beginning. Every puff will give you a satisfying hit. While you enjoy a delicious taste of flavor, you will release from your mouth a vapor looking like a real smoke. The manufacturer filled each cartridge with pure liquid of nicotine and flavoring. If you did not last long in the vaping world, menthol or tobacco would probably be the appropriate flavors to begin with because you will be familiar with their taste.

Tobacco classic has a slightly and smooth sweet taste like full-flavored cigars. The taste of Tobacco blue is similar to the light American tobacco. Tobacco Gold is the combination of Middle Eastern and Turkish smoke blends. Among the non-tobacco flavors, there is Piña Colada, Peppermint, Peach, Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Menthol cocktails.

south beach smoke liquid and cartridge

In order to enjoy the remarkable vapor and flavor of South Beach Smoke, you will have to replace often the cartridges. For answering the demand of customers, the company added to its selection 24mg cartridges. There are now 4 different strengths of nicotine including 6mg, 12mg, 16mg, and 24 mg. if you want to enjoy your flavors without nicotine; there is also an option of zero nicotine.

Since each cartridge costs $2.66, you can save your money by buying in bulk at $2.22 each. If you are a member of the Home Deliver Program, you will enjoy a discount of 20% on every order with home delivery. Registration to this program is free and you can cancel your subscription any time you want. The company set up also an interesting referral program and when you refer a friend, South Beach Smoke will reward you a discount of 10% on your next order and an instant gift of $25. Even your referrals will get a discount of 10% on their first order.


Even though, the company does not provide a live chat support for its customers, the toll-free hotline and email service are efficient. The entire ordering operation is without hassle. The customer service will send you email regularly for updating you on your status order. If you are a fan of South Beach Smoke, the company sets up online contests and via their Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can talk to its employees. The firm set up a dedicated portal of YouTube for providing large information on its products and e-cigarettes in general.

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