V2 Cigs EX Series Electronic Cigarette Review


There are no two ways about it, V2 Cigs have always been a force to reckon with in the e-cigarette industry. They are known for their line of products for beginners as well as veterans. V2 cigs added another feather to their cap with the introduction of EX upgrade in 2014 which is a product entirely different from the original. Ex series effectively combines the power and function of the large refillable e-cigarette with the simplicity and portability of the petite one.

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The Ex series cartridges:

The cartridges of Ex series cigarettes comes in a packing similar to the original cartridge but with few “new” features. The diameter of the Ex series cartridges remains the same although the length increases by a few millimeters which is hardly noticeable.

The tank is see through and the no-cloth approach is something unique to the Ex series. The new cartridge stands out due to the fact that it provides a consistent vape till the very end which was not possible with a cloth type. Cloth types generally start diminishing into a burning taste towards the end. Such a burning taste was the only warning that you could get with the older version to indicate the need for a refill.

Ex cartridges are available in the same classic flavors as their predecessors viz Red, Congress, Sahara, Peppermint, Menthol and Mint Tea.


  1. The vapor produced is the thickest among all e-cig cartridges.
  2. The flavor and vapor strength remain consistent.
  3. E-liquid window lets you remain aware of the quantity left.



  1. The cartridge is not 100% leak proof.
  2. It is not refillable
  3. The e-liquid window gets heated up within as less as 7 seconds as you vape on the Ex series cartridge. However, this is not much of a problem if you are using the Ex series batteries.

In can be safe to conclude that V2 has made a lot of improvements in their cartridges through the Ex series upgrade. If you are fond of cartridge cartomizers, this is an upgrade you must give a shot at. The fact that the cartridge cannot be refilled must be paid due attention to especially with people who prefer to fill cartridges.


V2 Ex batteries:

V2 cigarette batteries were already known for their capacity to produce thick vapor as well as last longer than batteries of other brands of e-cigarettes. However, the innovative nature and a zest for evolution of the company has led to the development of Ex series batteries which promise even more power, unmatched style and longer life.

Let us have a look at what do ex batteries have to offer:



1. Added battery LED indicators

The Ex line of batteries features 5 LED lights which light up as you puff and also show you the amount of charge left in the e-cigarette. This is one feature that is missing in most of the popular e-cigarette brands in the market. It is one of the worst nightmares of an e-cigarette vaper to come across an unexpected battery death. With the LED indicators, you can know when it’s time for a recharge.

2. More power

At 300mAH, the Ex series batteries are a great powerhouse for your e-cigarette. This assure you a thick vapor and potent throat hit.

3. Higher puff counts

Compared to other batteries, Ex batteries are capable of producing more puffs. They can give you around 400 puffs with a single charge.

4. Design

Being the leader of the e-cig industry, V2 has made it a point that the design of its equipment and accessories should be nothing less than outstanding. V2 batteries are available in variety of attractive colors and finishes.

The five designs that ex batteries are currently available in include:

  • Carbon Fiber: Has white LED indicators
  • Scarlet Metallic: Has white LED indicators
  • Royale Cards: Has red LED indicators
  • Purple Bloom: Has pink LED indicator
  • Brushed Steel: Has white LED indicators

All of them come with a matching cartridge sleeve that augments the overall appearance and provides a sleek look.



It shall not be an overstatement to say that the Ex Series of V2 e-cigarettes has taken the e-cig industry by storm and are definitely difficult to beat. The immense benefits that come along with Ex batteries and cartridges certainly make it worth an upgrade.


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