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It is amazing as V2 Cigs Company started as a small independent and now the firm has a good reputation with one of the highest rated brands of electronic cigarette on the market. The manufacturer advertises V2 cigs as the number one brand in the USA, where electronic cigarettes are really competitive and the market is huge, but recently with their joint venture have released the V2 Pro Series. You will find many reviews and banners online about this brand as everyone seems to be talking about them. For the most part, the majority of these reviews are positive about their products. Many users made this brand their favorite because of one major factor, the price, quality, and constant innovation. Even though, the package does not affect the performance, the V2 cigs kit is impressive. The Standard Starter kit of V2 cigs is among the largest selection of accessories available on the market.

On the top of the box, there is a V2 cigs logo on a nice background with white and blue colors. The manufacturer has obviously thought about the presentation of their kits. The actual V2 cigs Starter kit comes with the true and tried KR808D battery in long, standard or short sizes and they are also available in both manual and automatic variants. The quality of the batteries seems to be good on first impressions.

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However, some users reported that the plastic button on the manual battery made a rattling noise when they shook it, but we do have to say we did not experience this. The design of the boxes is nice with detailed warnings about nicotine and legal smoking age along with the USB charger featuring the V2 cigs logo. When in use, this charger lights up. Unlike other e-cigarette companies, the manufacturer of V2 cigs included in their Standard kit, a handy wall adapter. For many users, V2 cigs are the best option if you want to start vaping without emptying your pocket.


The manual battery (150 mAh) can work for approximately 4 hours straight without the need of recharging. The smaller 380 mAh battery obviously doesn’t last quite as long, but attached to the cartomizer is only 140 mm long, so it’s really handy to stick in your pocket. This type of electronic cigarette is obviously less discrete than the eGo, but in eGo’s defence, the battery doesn’t last as long, and the cartomizers dry out a little quicker too. You can find more information about the eGo here. The high rating of mAh means that you can keep vaping for a long time, it basically tells you how much charge the battery can hold, so the higher the mAh the better, but the bigger the battery!

If you are a heavy smoker, you will most likely need 2 batteries to last the day, so bare this in mind when picking the type of kit. For casual smoker, a single battery will be enough. Another great advantage of V2 cig battery is that the manufacturer regulated them at 4.2 volts instead of the usual 3.7 volts, creating more vapor. These new batteries power the atomizer much faster and when you take a drag, the feeling is very similar to the one you would take from a regular cigarette.

If you are looking for a smoking-like experience without the smoke, V2 cigs should be your choice.


V2 cigs provides a number of standard flavors including Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Menthol, and Cherry, Peppermint, Mint tea, Congress, Sahara, and Red tobacco. The manufacturer offers also three limited edition flavors such as Grape, Cola, and Classic Menthol. If you are a smoker with very particular tastes, the company lets you design your own tailor flavors. The combination of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol aims to produce a great vapor along with a good throat hit. Some users reported that the throat hit did not meet their expectations, but for us, compared with other brands it was very good. Remember that they offer a number of different strength nicotine options too, so if you are a heavy smoker then choose a higher volume of nicotine.

The flavors choice is pretty good, however, since taste is a subjective matter, you have to try them for yourself. For some users, the nutty aftertaste of Red tobacco was too strong. Some smokers reported having nauseous after smoking this flavor for long periods of time. The menthol had a slight medicinal taste for some smokers they adore the vanilla, and only smoke that.

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The cartomizer does not seem to leak that easily, we tried to force it but was unsuccessful, which was good. However, the company glued the plastic caps to the metal body of the cartridge. This move makes it difficult for users to refill their tanks, if that is something that you wanted to do. Even though, these cartridges are mean’t to be disposable, it would be nice to use them more than once at your convenience. But using more than once means the atomizer within the cartomizer is getting dirtier and dirtier, so the amount of vapor will be reduced.

V2 Cigs The Company

The company produces its new technology in six various starter kits that are unique. The cheapest among them are Express kit and V2’s disposables. Some users recommend purchasing a kit with two batteries. If you are a smoker needing an electronic cigarette between your lips while driving, V2’s Power Cig can meet your needs. You will have to purchase a car adapter in order to plug your device in your 12-volt power outlet. This way you can enjoy a high production of vapor and flavor from your cartridge continuously without worrying about the death of the battery. V2 cigs offer also nice portable charging cases.

Recently, the company launched a brand new line of disposable cartridges and electronic cigarettes called Zig Zag. You can get a sampler pack including Vanilla, Columbia Coffee, Caribbean, Mango, and Clove. These flavors are really delicious without disappointing results. The Vanilla is the best cartridge among them with a great throat hit and full vapor. Mango flavor had the most realistic taste of fruit. The taste is really delicious. If you like taking your coffee really black or strong, the Coffee flavor would be a good choice for you. For summer or spring, the perfect flavor is the Caribbean as a fresh, pineapple taste. The Clove is the absolute best cartridge of Zig Zag. This cartridge is really uncanny because its taste is very similar to a clove cigarette. Its smoky aftertaste is unique and if you do not look on it or you close your eyes, you can think that you are smoking a real clove cigarette.

The V2 Ultimate Starter kit is among the strongest recommendations from many users. This kit is the most expensive of V2 products with a price tag of $169.95. However, it’s worth the price because it comes with many accessories. This kit contains a detailed manual, a lanyard, metal carrying case, one power-cig, a portable charging case, a 2 amp car adapter, a smart charger, a wall adapter, 25 V2 flavor cartridges, and 3 V2 batteries. The numerous products packed in this kit amaze many users. It is a good thing that the kit comes with 25 cartridges, so it should keep you going for sometime. Even if you are a heavy smoker in the absolute sense, you are getting for what you pay just with the cartridges. The batteries come with a partial charge so that you do not have to wait before to take your first drag. As soon as you receive your kit, you can start vaping freely for a while before charging your battery.

Most device come with a red or blue tip but V2 keeps its tip unique. The final result is that you have an elegant looking electronic cigarette, really clean, and that is quite discreet even among non smokers. The production of vapor from V2 cigs is outstanding. You will be wrong to think that in the vaping world, Green Smoke is the only hard hitter. V2 electronic cigarette’s vapor convinced many serious smokers and the throat hit coming from these devices are perfect.


5 out of 5Most of the time, if you need an electronic cigarette of quality, you have to spend a lot of money. However, V2 Cigs keeps its products of high quality at the low prices we love. This brand is one of the few that caters truly to the needs of their consumers and provides a product that maintains low costs without sacrificing quality. The company rewards readers of its reviews through available coupons as shown below. In addition, if you spread the positive features of this brand, the company provides a loyalty program through its website. The fact is V2 cigs is unbeatable even if some users did not find satisfaction in their flavors. If you want to receive value for money, then, V2 cigs should be the first on your list. Across most review sites online, V2 cigs are still the number one and favorite products of many users due to their quality and affordable price.

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