VaporFi Rocket Electronic Cigarette Review

Some brands need no introductions; VaporFi, formerly known as Vapor Zone is no exception to this rule. In the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit E-Cig Review, you will be privy to all the related information about the newest addition to the e-cig brand’s kitty. Based on the concept of an e-liquid vaporizer, the dry herbs vaporizer has just made its presence felt in the e-cig market.

VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit – an overview

The Rocket starter kit cleverly encompasses a dual voltage vaporizer, which is certainly responsible for giving you the beautiful, strong throat hit. Taking the level of smoking up by a notch, the Rocket Kit is the perfect accomplice, especially, when you want to satisfy your cravings in the best possible manner.


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The e-cigarette is not only strong and sturdy, but it is also equipped with a strong battery backup, so that your vaping experience is never put on hold. The battery has a capacity of 1600 MAH and is available in 2 color ranges, namely black and stainless steel. This is not all, for the vaporizer comes well stocked with a huge tank supply of 2.5 ml size and a set of 5 atomizers. Imagine yourself vaping on this beauty.

Video Review

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Technological advances to the rescue

Till the time technology doesn’t step in, nothing can actually capture the hearts, minds and souls of the customers. For this very reason, VaporFi has spent a considerable amount of money and effort in rejuvenating the design and the concept of the Rocket starter kit. By combining variable voltage, mind blowing design and an airflow design, they have managed to revamp the very existence of their premium starter kits.

Trust the high powered batteries and the dual atomizers to deliver a power packed performance to the choicest of customers even. The Rocket Starter kit is definitely going to light up your life with its innate energy, eye catching design and ultimate utility.


What’s included in the starter kit?

The VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit E-Cig Review is incomplete without a mention of the products you get in your personalized starter kit. Here’s what you get in the starter kit:

  • 1 User Manual: you don’t want to be left dangling when it comes to to using your vaporizing kit correctly, right?
  • 5 Atomizers each providing a 1.8ohm power backup
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Wall Charging Adaptor
  • 1 Rocket Tank with Airflow Control: the controlled air flow helps the inhaler get the full essence of the e-liquid
  • 1 1600 mAh Rocket Variable Battery

Note: Unfortunately, there are no e-liquids included with the starter kit. You have to choose the e-liquid of your choice from the wide range displayed on the website. The cost will vary as per your choice.


Shedding some light on the specifications

Here’s a small review on the specifications of the starter kit’s contents.

  • The tank comes only in 2 colors currently: stainless steel and black. However, don’t let the colors limit your choice as both the colors promise to give you the macho look nevertheless.
  • The tank length is limited to 71mm, making it easier for you to carry in your hand/pocket etc.
  • The bottom atomizer resistance is around 1.8 ohm while the battery’s capacity is around 1600 MAH.
  • The price of the starter kit is around $119.99. However, prices tend to vary from website to website.



VaporFi provides avid smokers a lot of options, especially, when it comes to experimenting with smoking. The exhaustive list of e-liquid flavors is the perfect feather in the cap for people who want to try the different flavors available in the market.

Check out the list of e-liquids being offered by the company currently.

  • Lemon Apple Candy Crush
  • Mint Julep
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Summer Tea
  • Fruity Fun Cereal
  • Summer Freshness
  • Fruity Fun Cereal
  • Tart N’ Sweet
  • Candy Sugar Stix
  • Apple Crisp
  • Mango Lemon Delight
  • The Godfather
  • The Caribbean Escape
  • Juicy Fruit


While these are some of the flavors being offered by VaporFi, the list is quite endless. If you look at the names of some of the flavors, you can rest assured that your heart is going to do a small somersault right inside your chest. Some of the names of the flavors itself sound so delicious, so you can just about imagine how good they would taste.



The VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit emerges as a clear winner, considering the contents and the specifications of the starter kit. VaporFi has once again proved its mettle with respect to providing the ultimate smoking product to its loyal fan base of customers.


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