Third Hand Smoke and E-Cigarettes

Third Hand Smoke and E-Cigarettes

This article refers to some critical issues regarding electronic cigarettes. The source for this article is PubMed and the scientific article can be found here.

Since it has become so difficult for smokers to smoke anywhere without it affecting someone else, many smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes in place of tobacco. An electronic cigarette still delivers the nicotine that smokers need to meet their addiction to nicotine, the question if nicotine is bad for you is up for debate. At one time it was believed smokers chose to smoke. Now it is believed to be an addiction that the smoker needs. The electronic cigarette is smokeless and doesn’t contain the carcinogens that cigarettes have. Therefore people believe that it is a safe alternative to tobacco.

Is Electronic Cigarettes Safe for Everyone?

Since there is no smoke or carcinogens that tobacco has, some people believe they are a safe alternative to smoking tobacco. There is no second hand smoke to worry about. Second hand smoke has been proven to cause cancer in by standers who do not smoke. Since there is no carcinogenic smoke produced by an electronic cigarette it seems it is a safer method than tobacco.

Third Hand Smoke – What is it?

third hand smokeSomething new has been discovered with tobacco use. Even after the smoke has dissipated it seems there is residue left behind that still contains nicotine. Nicotine is considered a toxic substance even though it isn’t thought to cause cancer. It is believed all surfaces will contain the residue left behind from the smoke. It will be on ceilings, curtains, floors, tables and furniture. Children could be playing in areas that have nicotine contamination. Since there is nicotine in electronic cigarettes and people that use them do exhale, is there contamination taking place from the electronic cigarette? There doesn’t have to be smoke for there to be nicotine contamination.

What You Should Know About Electronic Cigarettes

It is reported that there are two emerging challenges for primary health care provider namely: third hand tobacco smoke and electronic cigarettes, there is a lot to be learned before electronic cigarettes should be considered safe. There is just too much that is not known yet about the effects an electronic cigarette and the vapor it produces will have. There are other chemicals that form the vapor that are also being breathed. The scientific community does not yet know what effect the chemicals could be having on the person doing the smoking.

Doctors do not believe it is a safe alternative as a smoking cessation device. Some people think they can use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking but it seems that they just go from tobacco addiction to electronic cigarette addiction. This is true in many cases and probably the reason most people try e-cigarettes. The main difference is you can try many flavors with e-cigarettes as you buy the e-liquid seperately to the flavor and nicotine strength you want. You can read about the popular and best e-liquids here.

Until more studies are done it is a troublesome idea to use electronic cigarettes. The nicotine may ease your addiction and there may not be any second hand smoke but no one yet knows about the third hand smoke and if an electronic cigarette will produce it. Are the chemicals used to create vapor safe to be inhaled or could they have an adverse effect on the body and health of the smoker. There are other no smoking techniques that will work to help you quit smoking which are safer but unfortunately less effective. It is advised to get counseling when attempting to quit.

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